Sunday, September 30, 2012

Endless Ones: WIP Abyssal Reavers

Continuing with the Endless Ones, I've been trying to get some things together that I don't think will change too much with the new Chaos Marine codex.  Don't want to fool too much with magnets, and don't want to set up too many special/heavy weapon guys, champions and such until I actually see the book.  But Berzerkers should be pretty standard, pistol, axe and attitude!

These are some of the Abyssal Reavers, Khornate renegades associated with the Endless Ones for some time.  I am painting up enough to have some options - ten regular guys and a hero fig, allowing for various squad sizes and champion/Kharne options.

Here's my old zerker champion/counts as Kharne, just Kharne with a more skull-helmed headswap to fit in with the others.  I like how Kharne's bare arm fits in with the others' bare left arms and legs.

The three available poses, repeated a few times each in the squad.

For those not familiar, these are old "World Eaters of Khorne Assault Marines", as can be seen from this old catalog scan over at the great resource, Stuff of Legends.

And here's how some of them looked not too long ago as part of my Sons of Horus force, prior to recent stripping:

Hopefully I'll be able to get them wrapped up this coming week.  Thanks for looking!

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