Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WIPs: Space Sharks speeder and STOMPINESS!

I've gotten some painting and gluing done, so here's some pics!  First is the Space Sharks land speeder typhoon, with some hull markings that double as a reminder.  When this is finished, that should do it for the Space Sharks for now.

Next up, Orks!  I've had a box of Killer Kans and a Dread for a while, just got around to building them.  Went with a pretty simple, straightforward build.

 Plus some old dreads I had with my old Bad Moons that will get repainted to fit in with the current Blood Axes.  On the left is IIRC an "Org Atrocitor" from Daemonblade, on the right is an old-school GW Ork dread.

And the whole dreadbash together:

I'd have to leave some other things at home, but with a Big Mek to make one of the dreads Troops I could actually run them all at once...


  1. i have the number 7 painted on the kill kanon for my battle wagon to remind me to take tha extra inch for being red


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