Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chaos Marine leaks: Stuff you may have missed

Of course check out the main stuff, with more doubtless to come, over at Faeit 212.

A couple of things that are in the pics but weren't mentioned that I saw, so some may have overlooked them:

Champion of Chaos - must issue and accept challenges.  Presumably all CSM characters will have this?

Dark Apostles let you reroll boon of chaos rolls, and nearby units use his Ld.

Shatter Defenses - presumably for the warpsmith - reverse of techmarine bolster defenses - reduce cover save of one piece of terrain in enemy deployment zone by 1.  Begin debate on whether fortifications like Aegis Defense line count.

Siege Crawler - can't make out the page number, so not sure what it applies to, but maybe Defilers or maulerfiends?  Move as beasts and add one to penetration rolls against buildings in close combat.

Mutated beyond reason - probably Chaos Spawn, random table that gives them boosts in CC, like a 4+ save, poison, or more reliable # of attacks.

Vessel of Chaos - similar to above, but I'm guessing for Possessed.  Reroll wounds, AP3, or +1S/I.

Crazed - Dreadnought (aka Hellbrute) craziness much better.  Have to be damaged first, then more forgiving results (like, shoot the guys that damaged you twice).  No more shooting your own guys.


  1. I've not been at all impressed by the new CSM models, however the rules seem to be shaping up nicely!

  2. I wait for the codex with bated breath.


  3. I like the raptors, but have tons waiting to be painted already. Like the sorcerer and the stuff from Dark Vengeance, not sure about most of the rest.

    Soon, Col, soon!


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