Tuesday, August 28, 2012

MIsc - NOVA coverage, league games, local tourney

Quick grab bag post:

First of all, wanted to pass on that the 11th Company podcast will be doing streaming coverage of the Nova open 40K tournament.

Next week, the 11th Company will be live video broadcasting the top tables at the Nova Open starting next week Thursday roughly at 4PM Eastern time. 

We will have the players wear wireless mics, so you can hear their discussions during their game. We will have between game interviews with various attendees and guests, and have the channel open for players wanting to broadcast their game live before and after the tournaments during open gaming.

Please join us in the chat room while watching the broadcasts live Thursday August 30th - Sunday September 2nd, or catch the archived broadcasts after the event. We would greatly appreciate it if you shared the above information on your blog/podcast/forums or shared with your friends. 

Second, I got two games in with the Space Sharks on Sunday for the local 40K league.  The assault marines had been pretty lackluster, so I switched them out for one of the Terminator squads.  My wife had the camera, so no pictures unfortunately.  First game was against Necrons playing Relic, and I managed to get a victory.  Second game against Dark Eldar/Eldar resulted in a loss.  Three objectives, two on his side of the table, short edge deployment.  I had to come to him, but my firepower failed to convert into kills, and he had more than enough of his own to whittle me down.

Third, this Saturday Gaming Underground is hosting a 40K tournament:


$10.00 entry
Prize support to be determined by participation

2000 pts. /no restrictions

Preset Mission - Crusade w/ 4 objectives
Preset terrain
120 min. rounds

Swiss pairings w/ a cut to top 4 (top four will be single elimination)
Minimal paint requirements (at least primer w/some color)
Loose modeling requirements (as close to wisiwig as possible)
doors open at 10:00 a.m.
Signups at 10:30 a.m.
Event start at 11:00 a.m.

I don't think that I'll be making it out, but if you're in the area and want to get some games in go check it out, and good luck!


  1. It is always good to hear about a Necron beat down and those Dark eldar are hard to beat.

    I am hoping to come by Saturday but because of work I will be unable to participate.


  2. I'll see about the 11th company thing and what I'm doing myself at the time!

  3. @Col - they're starting a Fantasy escalation on Saturdays in case you hadn't heard yet.

    @TAL - I've watched a few before, may watch parts of some of these, but there's a limit to how exciting watching someone else's game by remote can be!

  4. I made the fantasy league meeting and it is starting up 8Sept12. I plan to play but I have yet to pick an army to play and will be oncall for the next couple weekends.



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