Monday, June 20, 2011

Where do we go from here?

If I promised you daemon and Eldars would you believe it?

With the Scythiak put to rest for a while, I have an opening for my next project.

But what to do?

As frequently happens, I have multiple appealing options, but obviously trying to do them all at once would get me close to nowhere.

Do you, my beloved readers, have anything in particular that you'd like to see?

Which of the options would make you more excited about coming to see and even comment on?

I can launch into the Space Sharks, leaving Chaos behind for awhile and getting some loyalist Space Marines churned out to ply the hobby and gaming lanes.  These guys narrowly lost out to the Silver Skulls when I was making my first Marine army, maybe it's time for them to see the light of day.

I can start the long-denied Sons of Taurus CSM, the Hashut-worshipping renegades from the Minotaurs chapter.  Another force I had planned long, long, ago but keeps getting put off.

I can start the plans for the reboot of my other CSM, making the framework for a grand traitor coalition with some twists, allowing me to bypass some of the problems I had been having with "so many Chaos groups, so little time"and my lack of enthusiasm for lots of black CSM armor.  It would involve new CSM, repurposing and repainting squads from my Sons of Horus, and a mix of old and new warbands under one overall storyline.

Or I can add a good bit to my Orks - some Killer Kans and some specialists like burnas or tankbustas, maybe more. 

Are any of these something you folks would like to see first?


  1. Just do like I do, a little of this, and a little of that...

    It helps me keep from getting burned out on one particular army.

  2. I think Space Sharks.
    Not only would it be a good break from all of the CSM projects you have planned, but I am interested to see what you produce with this army. Plus, I just love the background provided on this chapter.

  3. Just voted....Space Sharks all the way! You know you want too. Plus you are a member of the Badab Project.

  4. @DMC - I don't know if I could do that...I will do some little stuff as breaks, but if I try to do several major projects at once I'd get really discouraged.

    @Mags - Duly noted.

    @Silar - I had a feeling you would vote that way!

  5. I can't vote in the poll but I say Space Sharks.


  6. I think you have to be signed in first for the poll to work. I'll get the feedback either way (poll or comments) so thanks!

    Strong lead for the Sharks so far.

  7. Space Sharks, I just want to see fins on rhinos.

  8. Landslide! OK, if results don't change in the next few days I'll start getting the parts together for some Space Sharks.


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