Thursday, June 2, 2011

Eggs and Buggies

The Silver Skulls take up positions and assess the xeno birth shells.

Took a few shots of some terrain I made on a whim a few weeks back.  Little pieces that can be used in WHFB as stegadon/carnasaur eggs, in 40K as alien/tyranid eggs, or in pulp stuff as dino eggs.  Plastic Easter eggs, CDs and plastic lids for bases, various flock and moss stuff, hot glue/glue, paint, sealer.  Marines for scale.  If Heroes HQ is interested these may find a home there, if not I'll add them to the woodland/jungle selection here at home.

A battle brother covers the marines conducting auspex scans, keeping an eye out for the mother.

A chainsword is an excellent brush clearer.

Scans confirm not of Tyranid origin - prepare to cleanse the site and move on!

I also recently found some cheap Star Wars toys on ebay that I thought would make for good Ork rokkit buggies.  They're "Hailfire Droids".  I didn't expect them to be quite so big, but I think they're still an appropriate size.

Shown with some regular 40k figs for scale.

The big loop tracks are the main size issue - I'll probably leave them as is and just let opponents decide up front if they want to count them for LOS and providing cover or not.  I think that you could cut out the middle section of the loop and reattach the top part, shortening the loop but still keeping the effect; may try that out.

They look suitably bizarre to be Ork vehicles as-is, but if I feel ambitious I may add some gubbins or even repaint them down the road.


  1. That's a great idea on the easter egg terrain, I may have to borrow it. Seems simple but really looks cool when it's done.

  2. Glad folks like 'em. The eggs were pretty easy, fun, and cheap to make.

  3. Thanks slipwing! It was nice making something different than the normal ruins, hills and such.

  4. I love the wormy things coming out! Game over man! I can't say the rest, people's ears might bleed :)


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