Thursday, June 16, 2011

Scythiak Usurpation - Battle Report - Chaos vs. Angels of Death - Part 1

As mentioned in the previous post, we had a 3000pt battle the other night, with my Scythiak and Word Bearers staring down at Dark Angels and mixed crusade force (Blood Angels).  We went with a four-objective Seize Ground mission and Spearhead deployment.  Naturally I lost the roll to choose sides/go first, and was stuck relatively in the open, though there's not TOO much open on this board.

The Dark Angels had:
Land Raider Crusader with Belial, chaplain, and termie assault squad
Speeder MM/HF
4xML dev squad
Teleporting shooty terminator squad
ML/TLLascannon Dread

Blood Angels took:
Librarian on bike
Bikers - 2xmelta, sgt fist, mm attack bike
2xdeep striking assault squads, melta, sgt fist
Death company in rhino
Podding Libby Dread with frag cannon
Podding death company dread, melta, magna grapple
Flame cannon Baal pred
Speeder squadron with meltas

Scythiak had:
Ogryn squad with Primaris psyker
2xplatoons, two squads each, one with meltas, one with grenade launchers
Heavy weapon squads - MLs, Lascannons, Mortars, Heavy Bolters
Rough rider squad
2xSpawn Riders, missile launchers
Khonan aka Marbo
Psyker battle squad

Word Bearers:
Daemon Prince, wind of chaos
Termie squad
2xCSM squads, meltas, champ fist/combiflamer, rhinos
2xlesser daemon packs
Dread multimelta

Loyalists set up as above.  Assault squads, Predator, shooty termies, pod dreads off board.

Loyalist reserves, minus the podding dreadnoughts

 Traitor deployment below:

C'mon...walk into the open fellas...we're mostly just BS3...

Most of the objectives were closer to my edge, and I figured the marines would try to close with the gunline, so a lot was left in reserve:

I fail to seize the initiative, and the game is on!

A cleverly disguised dreadnought of the "Blood Iron Deficiency Angels" successor chapter
Death company dread pods down intending to take out a WB vehicle.

Speeders and vindicator scoot down the flank, hoping to draw some traitors closer.

Marine forces move up along opposite flank, looking for a good spot to unload a cargo of assaulty death.

Above: Deathwing squad (left) teleports in while dreadnought (in distance, between LR and rhino) moves to get a clear shot at the Chaos Vindicator.

Stay tuned for the rest of the report!

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