Friday, June 17, 2011

Scythiak Usurpation - Battle Report - Chaos vs. Angels of Death - Part 3 - The Reckoning!

If you're just joining us, you can find part 1 HERE

When last we checked in, the Imperials had a rough turn, losing a vindicator and a terminator squad.  Now the Baal Predator with flamestorm cannon shows up and joins the Dark Angels speeder in bedeviling the Scythiak heavy weapons section.

The Librarian dread pods down near the Ogryn, the Death Company get out to attack the rough riders, and their Rhino tries to tank shock the Ogryn off the table but they hold firm.

Death Company Attack!  They hit the Rough Riders and the CSM survivors, wiping both out.

Chaos Terminators combi-melta the Land Raider into oblivion, but then are smacked around by the Deathwing.  They manage to take down Belial himself, but his squad carves the traitors up.

More Chaos reserves arrive, spearheaded by the Chaos Dreadnought, whose multimelta fails to hit the Librarian dread.  Behind him comes the cultist platoon and the psyker battle squad.  The Ogryn assault the Libby dread to try to tie him down until the Chaos Dread can arrive.

  Elsewhere Khonan climbs out from under the piece of rubble he was hiding under and chucks his demo charge at the librarian biker and attack bike, killing both.  The Daemon Prince assaults the Death Company.  An assault squad jumps up and takes out Khonan with a meltagun.

The Chaos Dread gets vaped by the Devestator squad, and the battle continues on the far left.

Finishing the Death Company off, the Chaos forces move up towards the fuel depot.

The Death Company Rhino tries to tank shock a series of units, but a brave cultist with meltagun slags it, though the explosion takes a number of cultists along too.

End of the game:

Dread in combat with techno-barbarians in the ruins, contesting objective.

The cultists end up in assault with the Predator, but don't manage to kill it, leaving the objective on the lander contested.

The Prince fails to finish off the remaining Deathwing, leaving them in range to contest at the fuel depot.

And an assault squad hanging out on the far end holds the intersection, securing a 1-0 victory for the loyalists!

Good game, a lot longer than I had originally expected leaving me pretty wasted the next day.

I'm kind of tired of the Ogryn being so useless against walkers; I think I may bypass the second RR squad and stick a Priest or two in with the Ogryn.  They can't benefit from the Priest's rerolls, but some Eviscerator attacks would make dealing with Dreads a lot more likely.  Expect to see some Chaos Repentia soon.


  1. great game! as always i am inspired by your table & your wrecked vehicle markers that flicker rile a guttering flame. thnx to John for the inv & the familyoftarus as ever-garcious hosts.

  2. You're always welcome! Glad that you could make it!


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