Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sharks it shall be!

From Raucous Records

There were a few votes for other options, but the bulk went for the Space Sharks.  So be it!  I've started sorting out bits and organizing to start construction soon. 

Here's what I'm working on at building at the moment.  Mostly it's a conglomeration of stuff I think is cool (dread, pods, bikes, jump packs, speeder, whirlwind) first, with effectiveness considerations secondary.  I don't expect it to be a super list, but if I'm missing some obvious tricks, I'd be happy to hear advice on that front.  While I plan on using Codex: Space Marines, I also for grins converted that list into Blood Angels and Space Wolves to see what it would look like.

Codex: Space Marines Space Sharks 1850pts

HQ: Captain, Bike, artificer armor, combi-melta, lightning claw, meltabombs (180)
On bike partly to have him mobile, partly to make the bike squad Troops.  Put the combi-melta on him as opposed to one of the sgts as figured even better w/BS5.

(HQ): Command Squad - Apothecary + 4 vets - bikes, company champion, 2xmelta, lightning claw, meltabombs. (275)
Run with Captain, goal to mess stuff up in CC.  Meltas to pop transports at close range then assault the passengers.

Troops: 10xTactical Marines, Meltagun, Multimelta, sgt power fist, drop pod (235)
Drop pod fun.

Troops: 10xTactical Marines, Flamer, Missile Launcher, sgt power fist, Rhino w/dozer blade (235)
Dudes in a box, some minor fire support.  Mostly to score and draw out enemy stuff trying to kill them.
Troops: 8xBikes 2xplasma gun, sgt power fist + attack bike w/multimelta (320)
With FNP plasma would be safer on the command squad, but the 24" range IMO would work well either paired with the MM or just keeping out of retaliation range.  With combat squads lots of ways can split - plasma+pf inf hunters / mm, shooty / pf plus plain, plasma, mm + pf vehicle hunting, etc.

Elite: Ironclad Dreadnought, meltagun/heavy flamer, chainfist, drop pod (180)
Draw attention and look scary.  Will likely magnetize the chainfist to allow swaps for seismic hammer for more competitive events if the consensus runs that the CF strikes last on a dread.  The CF looks cooler though and I want lots of chain weapons in the force, so will likely default to the CF.

Fast Attack: 10xAssault Marines, 2xFlamers, power fist (235)
Jump on stuff that spills out of cans other units open up.

Fast Attack: Land Speeder Typhoon - multimelta, typhoon missile launcher (100)
Shoot stuff.

Heavy Support: Whirlwind, dozer blade (90)
Blast stuff, blast hidey stuff, or if facing boxed army run up front doing blocking or giving cover to the Rhino, or combining with the Rhino to give cover to other stuff.

1850 total

For 2000 likely add a squadron of 3 Attack Bikes with multimeltas.

Now, how can the same models fit into a Blood Angels list?

Codex: Blood Angels Space Sharks (1850)

HQ: Captain, bike, combi-melta, lightning claw, meltabombs (165)
A bit cheaper due to no option for artificer armor.

Troops: 10xTacticals, melta, multimelta, power fist, drop pod (235)

Troops: 10xTacticals, flamer, missile launcher, power fist, Rhino w/dozer, searchlight (251)

Troops: 10xAssault Marines, 2xflamer, power fist (225)
Cheaper than vanilla, and Troops.  Fill the fast Troops role now that Bikers can't.

Elite: Furioso Dread, heavy flamer, extra armor, searchlight, pod (186)
Stand in for the Ironclad.

Elite: Sanguinary Priest, bike, meltabombs (90)
Apothecary from command squad out on his own...though likely joining bikers.

Fast Attack: 8xbikers, 2xplasma, power fist, mm attack bike (320)

Fast Attack: 3xbikers, 2xmelta, sgt pw/meltabombs, mm attack bike (180)
Command squad dudes repurposed - sgt is company champion, add extra attack bike.

Fast Attack: Speeder with mm/missile launcher (100)

Heavy Support: Whirlwind with dozer blade (95)

Total: 1847pts
Arguably better than the vanilla list.  Don't have the same CC punch without the command squad, but a FNP bubble could make the fast elements more survivable, and chance for Furious Charge/Fearless instead of Combat Tactics.

How about Space Wolves?  Some things don't translate well, need to drop guys from squads due to wanting pf to be wolf guard instead of 1 attack normal, so only 1 special weapon for the GH.  With that and loosing some bikers due to squad and slot restrictions, comes out to a 1500 (1496) list instead of 1850.

Codex: Space Wolves Space Sharks (1500)

HQ: Chaos Lord, combi-melta, wolf claw, runic armor, bike, meltabombs, belt of russ (215)

HQ: Wolf Guard battle leader, bike, frost blade, storm shield, saga of the beastslayer, meltabombs (175)
Company champion in different role.

Elite: Dreadnought, assault cannon/heavy flamer, drop pod (150)
Would need to paint assault cannon arm to swap out.

Elite: Wolf guard - 2xw/power fist, 1x with wolf claw&bike (attach to GH squads and Swiftclaws, respectively) (144)

Troops: 8xGrey Hunters, meltagun, drop pod (160)

Troops: 8xGrey Hunters, flamer, rhino (155)

Fast Attack: 6xSwiftclaw Bikers, plasma gun, mm attack bike (205)

Fast Attack: Land speeder mm/missile launcher (100)

Fast Attack: 9xSkyclaws (jump packs), flamer, power fist (192)

Heavy Support: Whirlwind, Dozer blade (90)

Total: 1496pts


  1. First off, I love the little counts as space wolves typo at the top of the list. Its a rare delight to actually see a space wolves army that IS space wolves

    As for the lists, although we share a certain philosophy as to how we build them(IE rule of cool), your lists seem pretty unfocused. For example, your biker squad in list 1 has 2 plasma guns, obviously Heavy Infantry hunters, but you have a multimelta attached to the squad for tank hunting. Also, you have 1 troop dropping in, one troop riding in probably the only transport, and one on bike. So your army runs the risk of being pulled apart and cut to pieces.

    I also hate to say it, but your space wolves list seems the most coherent.It has a unified assaulty theme and some nice bite to it.

    With drop pods, the tendency is to go all or nothing, so you land with overwhelming force. Why don't you try a hybrid biker and drop pod list? Have a really cool sternguard unit or two drop pod in with combimeltas and possibly lysander, and have Biker squads reinforce where necessary with rifleman dreads or dakka predators for long range?

    Good luck with the proud hereos of the Badab Schism(aka charcaradons.)

    P.S. I highly Reccomend Imperial Armor The Badab war. I just got volume one and it is FANTASTIC

  2. @Sean - Thanks for the reply! Heh, yeah I guess I'm too used to writing up CSM lists and naturally pair that with "Lord".

    I don't think the bikes are too unfocused, esp. since they can split if needed. A MM is also great for killing heavy infantry, it just can double as heavy AT if needed. The 24" range for both the mm and plasmas pair well, and keep them out of assault range, whereas meltaguns would have them right in the enemy's face.

    The sole Rhino is likely doomed, but if it protects the guys inside for even a turn it's probably done it's job.

    My Silver Skulls are all-pod, and while I enjoy them I didn't want to do another all-pod army. I would love a sternguard unit, but there's nothing I'd really like to drop to fit them in.

    Oh yes, the IA books are very nice.

  3. I want to start a Red Corsairs army so we can bash each other in the face. Yaaah!


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