Monday, June 13, 2011

Scythiak Usurpation - Finished Rough Rider Squad #1


Finished up one squad of Scythiak Rough Riders this evening.  Above are the first five, including Tramplemaster Gyro, center, who has recently Scythaik-ized his name a bit more to "Gyrok".

Let the hooves and the streets run red!

And here's the other five.

I'm beginning to get a little petered out on painting the Scythiak, so I think that after the other squad of Rough Riders I'll probably set them aside for a while and save their extra vehicles and such for later.  With some of the extra things I've picked up and done along the way (like the veteran squad) I've got the 2000pts I was originally shooting for, even if it's in slightly different form.

So after some more ponies, it'll be off to the next project!  Likely Space Sharks, but perhaps the Sons of Taurus or other CSM may creep in instead.


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