Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Battle Report: Scythiak Usurpation vs. Ultramarines - Capture the Dawn

Had a game with Josh and his Ultras earlier.  He had recently worked up a rifleman dread (see left).  I think it's a neat way to make extra arms for a dread - two square bases glued together on the hollow sides, hole drilled in one side big enough to slide over the dread arm tab.  Some extra IG autocannons and done.  Only downside IMO is the need to have one set upside down due to the ammo drums. 

We threw down with 1850pts, Capture and Control, Dawn of War.

I pulled out the Scythiak, and used some of my more recently-painted models and some things that didn't see use lately with all the league games.

HQ: Astrakenor the Accursed (Straken), Standard, 2xflamers
(HQ) : Priest, Eviscerator
Elite: Khonan (Marbo)
Troops: Vet squad, 3xmelta, powerfist
Troops: Platoon HQ PF/2flamers
grenade launcher squad
grenade launcher squad
lascannon HW squad
mortar HW squad
heavy bolter HW squad
Troops: Platoon HQ power weapon, 2flamers
meltagun squad
meltagun squad
missile launcher HW squad
Fast: 2xspawn riders (scout sentinels) w/missile launchers
Fast: 10xRough Riders, sgt has meltabombs
Heavy Support: Phobos pattern battletank (Leman Russ, lascannon hull)

Josh took:
Captain, artificer armor, relic blade, storm bolter
5xTerminators - pw/stormbolter, 3xpf/stormbolter, 1xcyclone/stormbolter/powerfist
8xSternguard, heavy flamer, rhino
tac squad sgt pf/combimelta, flamer, lascannon
tac squad sgt pf/combimelta, flamer, heavy bolter
Dread two twin-linked autocannons
Dread assault cannon, stormbolter/dccw
Landspeeder heavy bolter/typhoon missiles
Predator autocannon/lascannon sponsons
4xML dev squad
Thunderfire cannon

Combat squad with heavy bolter up in ruins holding objective.

Rhino with other half of combat squad, and Scythiak deployment - missile launchers in hexagonal bunker on left, lascannons and command squad on right.

Turn one, stuff trudges on both sides.  Marbo, sentinels, and rough riders in reserve.

Same stuff from other end.

View showing more of the UM stuff.  Devs and Thunderfire take up positions on the ridge.

UMs unleash firepower into the traitor lines.

Scythiak heavy bolters open up on the objective holding demi-squad, netting five wounds.  Armor saves and...


Thunderfire removes Straken's squad, so he goes downstairs to join the traffic jam moving towards the loyalist objective.  Russ is immobilized by the Predator and plugs away, without much effect.

Rough Riders show up to make a Balaclava-inspired assault on the ridge line guns, but run afoul of the Sternguard, who wipe them out with heavy flamer and magic bullets.

Sentinels outflank and knock the stormbolter off of a Rhino.  The rifleman dread dakkas them into oblivion soon afterwards.

Khonan kicks off his papier-mache rock concealment and chucks his demo charge into the thunderfire cannon, destroying it. 

Techmarine moves to take Khonan out and protect the dev squad.  Khonan manages to avoid the plasma pistol, but gets tagged by the flamer.  The techie assaults, with Khonan's rune blade pinging harmlessly off of the artificer armor.  Khonan's flak armor is not as effective at stopping servo arms.

Marines close in on the heretic objective.

While on the other side, the forces of Chaos advance on the marine objective.

Turn five - dread and rhino unable to get quite close enough, so speeder zips over to contest.

Shooting proves unable to down the speeder, but a frag grenade manages to stun the crew.  I guess it landed in somebody's drink and made a terrible mess.

Traitors advance.  Rhino wrecked, most of demi-squad shot up.

2 on 2 game that started up next to us, with some nice looking stuff.  I had to keep telling myself "not my game" in the face of overhearing/seeing very dodgy rules "interpretations", like moving DE raiders 24", then passengers getting out and assaulting.  Aside from the interesting rules, some rather heated exchanges between the players in the game. 

"Not my game." 

Thankfully.  I am eternally grateful for the quality players I do get to play with, and also for demonstrations that show me who to avoid.  Sorry you got caught up in that mess Aaron!

Back to the main event!

(combat sounds)

Terminators run off the Ogryn, but shooting and an assaulting platoon command squad take out the terminators and wound the captain.  Traitors try to get to the objective in time.

Speeder blows turret off of the Chaos tank; marines secure traitor objective.

Captain engages cultist squad, dread wrecked, meltavets melt marine on top of ruins, Astrakenor takes on other half of tac squad.

Marine objective cleared, but not held.

Traitor objective held by tac marines.  Oh, why did I remind him to keep them nearby? 

Curses, foiled again!

Ultra victory 1-0 at end of 7th turn.

I had a good time, and it was closer than I expected going in, with trying to slog across through the firestorm.  In retrospect perhaps I should have had the RRs come in turn one to try to cross the field earlier (although if had come in later, like turns 3-5 could have turned the tide on my objective, and perhaps reserved the platoon designated to my own objective, since could just walk onto it, saving some time getting shot up.


  1. Sounds like another great game, another close loss.
    I like the riflemen dread - the aegis Gunline works fantastic for converting them.

  2. @Julian - Thanks! They were a lot of fun to do.

    @Mags - Yep, had a good time. Indeed, that would be a good piece to use. The guns may have been from that, just assumed they were from IG HW teams.

  3. Sounds like it was a good game, I wasn't able to make it out Tuesday due to work. I might be able to make it next Tuesday if you're looking for more Merkan target practice.

  4. AFAIK I should be there, though not sure at the moment what I'll be bringing...

  5. Oh finally my google is cooperating.:D

    Well yea, that was a mess and i thank you for the pity.

    Definatley looked like a fun game, and i love the paint scheme on those FW traitors.


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