Friday, June 17, 2011

Scythiak Usurpation - Battle Report - Chaos vs. Angels of Death - Part 2

Part one can be found HERE.

The Chaos Vindicator bites the dust from long-range fire, and the Blood Angels dread tries to take out a rhino instead, but misses.

The dread may have missed, but the Dark Angels send more fire into the Rhino, wrecking it.  Word Bearers spill out.

The disembarked marines close in on the dread while the other squad moves through the ruins in their Rhino.  Two squads of meltaguns open up on the dreadnought...

...and destroy it.

Marines move in.  In the distance, the Defiler fleets forward, popping smoke.

The land speeder hops over to try to destroy the Defiler yet misses, but the land raider vanquishes the daemon engine with a flurry of assault cannon shells.

The disembarked Word Bearers are shot to pieces, with only the meltagunners surviving.  Other shooting fails to scratch the surviving Word Bearer Rhino, but assaulting Terminators with power- and chain-fists make short work of it, spilling the Chaos Marines out into the rubble. 

A wave of Chaos reserves arrives!

Ogryn assault and destroy the Dark Angels Vindicator

Techno-barbarians shoot one speeder down and assault the other, tearing the weapon off with a series of frag grenades.

Rough Riders and the Daemon Prince Garm wipe out the Terminators, and surviving meltagunners take out a couple of bikers.

Tough turn for the loyalists!  Will they be able to turn things around, or will Chaos be able to maintain the momentum?  Check back for part 3 to find out!

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