Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Battle Report: Scythiak Usurpation vs. Ultramarines plus other goings-on

I recently squeezed in a 1250pt game with Josh and his Ultramarines.  We did Annihilation, Pitched Battle deployment to keep things simple, and crammed into a 4x4 board. 

I ran:
Primaris psyker
Cultist platoon - HQ power weapon, two flamers / squad meltagun / squad meltagun
Techno-barbarian platoon - HQ power fist, two flamers / squad grenade launcher / squad grenade launcher
Heavy Bolters
Missile Launchers
6xOgryn (primaris attaches here)
2xSpawn-tinels with missile launchers (Outflank)
10xRough Riders, sgt meltabombs (Reserve)
Marbo (sneaky deployment)

Josh ran:
2 Librarians (avenger, force dome)
2xtac squads ml/flamer, rhino
8xsternguard, hf, rhino
Dread Assault cannon, dccw/stormbolter
Predator autocannon/las sponsons
Speeder heavy bolter/typhoon missiles

  I win the roll off and deploy, Josh promptly steals the initiative.

Cultists are thrown forward recklessly, and duly catch their share of fire.  On the other side, I take out the Predator with some early firepower.

Ultramarines - roll out!

Join together into the mechanicum centipede!

Chaos sneaky units arrive...and promptly fail.  The missile launchers whiffed against the rear of the sternguard rhino, and Khonan/Marbo deviated his demo charge the max 7" away (12-5bs) into empty ground. 

Retaliation is swift, and much more effective.  Spawntinels and Khonan are quickly wiped out.

Shaken but undeterred, the Brother-Ancient strides forward into the abhumans.  Through bad attack rolls and some Stubborn leadership checks it takes a few rounds for the dread to finish off the Ogryn, by which time the game ends.

Marines and librarian wiped out the corner forces, but Rough Riders respond, wiping out much of the squad and dispatching one rhino.  On the other side of the ruins some techno-barbarians fail to wreck the other rhino.


Without their lances, the remaining RRs prove no match for the librarian and sgt in subsequent rounds and are shortly cut down trying to flee.

General overview

I manage to finish off the one libby and the sgt, while losing a few more units.  Big KP win for the marines.

Chatted a bit with some of the other folks.  Eddie and (?) had a game going at the same time with Eldar and GK, respectively.  Andrew broke out his own Traitor Guard (look mostly khornate, to go with his World Eaters I believe) with a number of beastmen mixed in and some fun Leman Russ stand-ins based on Defilers.  He played a game with Ian (IIRC) who was getting back into the game after a break, using his Blood Angels.

Eddie had mentioned wanting to see about having me paint up a massive lot of Orks for him, and after getting some basic info from him I did up some test models.  We have to work out details, but if I can find the time and he can find the $ expect to see a lot more of these guys this summer.

He wanted them to have kind of grayish-purple skin, and black and rusted metal featured in the colors.  He later mentioned wanting to do them up as Undead Orks, which could be interesting!


  1. Enjoyable batrep. Thanks for that. Also, I really dig the original treatment of the orks. I hope to see more.

  2. Glad you like the report and the Orks. Hopefully more will be forthcoming.


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