Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Scythiak Usurpation - Battle vs. Daemons

Apparently the Scythiak made some error in their recent rituals, as today found them attempting to fend off a Daemonic incursion!

This was my first time playing against Daemons, and I was looking forward to it.  My opponent, Solomon, has a growing force of Tzeentchian/Slaaneshi entities and rent open the warp to spill them down on the cultists.  We played 1250pts Annihilation/Pitched Battle.  He won the roll for first turn and surprisingly took it.  His force is in the middle of being painted, but looks like it will be fun when completed.  One of his DPs is seen above, the other was a D&D dragon figure with extra chaos bits coming out of him like he's spawning Horrors; very Tzeenchian!  I think he's also done some source lighting with his painting with the green glow; pretty cool.

While this wasn't a league game, I used my league list for that points level.  I took:
Primaris Psyker
2x2 squad platoons
missile launcers
heavy bolters
10xRough Riders (Reserve)
Marbo (Reserve)
2xspawn riders with missile launchers

He had:
Two Daemon Princes, wings and various powers
Two slaaneshi heralds in chariots, various powers
Two daemonette squads
Horrors squad
Everything had special icon upgrades which let them deep strike in without any scatter.

He got his preferred wave, which was his two DPs and one daemonette squad plus herald.  He said that the herald with chariot no longer counted as an IC, but could still attach to a squad?  I thought that didn't sound right, but didn't press the issue as I'm not familiar with the Daemons book.  Maybe they're a squad upgrade?  They also apparently rend on the to-hit roll and not the to-wound roll, making them even nastier.  Rough customers, especially when buried un-targetable in a squad.

I did some shooting, then the princes hopped over and munched the regular infantry squads. 

The prince turned a cultist into a Spawn.  Solomon didn't have a spawn to use, so we dragooned in the extra spawn-rider, minus rider, to stand in.  

Unfortunately for the princes, their early success left them in the open against a mass of fire, and both were taken down, along with their new pet spawn.  In return, the daemonettes moved up, and horrors landed behind the Ogryn and zapping them.

The herald on chariot plus daemonettes assault in and do some damage, but the Ogryn wipe out the daemonettes themselves.  The herald gradually whittles them down over the next few turns.

Shooting and a rough rider charge wipe out the flamers, and Khonan/Marbo drops a charge on a squad of daemonettes, followed by a command squad charge tying them up. 

After the Horrors zap the rough riders into oblivion, mortar fire and Marbo take out the Horrors, but the two heralds rampage through much of the rest of my army.  They eventually get taken down and the daemons are wiped out, but it was a very close run thing!  I had a good time and I think Solomon did too, and it was interesting getting in a game with the Daemons. 


  1. Neat report sir, but the herald in chariot can't join squads because it trades independent character for furious charge. This means it's a single model unit. They also don't change the rending rule in anyway, but as you won and your opponent seems new you made the right call.

  2. Yeah, I thought that both of those seemed odd.

    For this game I took my 1500pt league list and cut the last add-on off. Looking at it today, I realize that I cut it at the wrong place, and had too many points; the Ogryn should only have been 6-strong, not 10. Sorry Solomon! Then the Herald might have finished off the Ogryn a turn earlier and been able to rampage faster, maybe changing the outcome. Of course, if he had been targetable early and those extra rends hadn't happened he may not have gotten the chance.

    I'll call that a draw, with mistakes on both sides. Hopefully we can get a proper rematch in another day!

  3. "I thought that didn't sound right, but didn't press the issue as I'm not familiar with the Daemons book. Maybe they're a squad upgrade? They also apparently rend on the to-hit roll and not the to-wound roll"

    Like chris said, it is a single model without IC status that makes regular use of rending. Chariot gives you +3 wounds, +1 toughness, +2 attacks and a 4+ regular save and furious charge for just 15 points.

  4. you must have left before i got there yesterday. Oh well.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. ahh i havent played daemons7 for long so i was iffy about heralds joining units and im used to 4th ed so the rending rule change i was oblivious to. but look at my princaaaaaay >.>
    fun battle very fun i hope to play again hopefully with the right rules

  7. "your opponent seems new" you sir need to hush new to daemons yes orks for 4 years man that one hurt

  8. @Pat - thank you master of all things daemonic!

    @Impcommander - yeah, I left for lunch and class.

    @o.o.d.d. - No worries, it's a hobby not precision surgery.


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