Saturday, June 18, 2011

Scythiak Usurpation - End of the Revolt

For now at least.  It's been over a year since I officially started the revolt and it was even further in coming, with ideas and collecting figures.  But for now, I'm calling them done and will be moving on to other projects.

There's still lots to do for the Scythiak, but it will have to wait for more favorable times.  The second squad of rough riders, various tanks, and some extra infantry to sub for the Ogryn points-sink from time to time will have to bide their time.

But here's the last to be done this wave; some priests and Astrakenor with his command squad.  My RPG group had arranged a few weeks ago to come over this evening, but apparently they all forgot so I had some extra time and finished these folks off instead.

3x(6+2d6) = wrecked walkers
Priests with ceremonial eviscerators.  Of course, when your "ceremonies" include sacrificing your opponents in battle, they can be rather functional too.

The man himself, Astrakenor.  I'm not terribly happy with him, which is the main reason I kept putting him and his squad off.  But he's serviceable, and will do until inspiration strikes me some day to strip him and start over.

Company command squad - laspistol/ccw and flamer.

Regimental standard (rebroadcasting the Word of Astrakenor to stiffen resolve) and another flamer.

The Scythiak aren't going away - I'll still be playing them, but the building and painting for them is going on indefinite hold.  Many thanks to everyone who's been along for the ride with these guys, especially those who commented and/or "adopted" particular figures.  If anyone has a particular favorite Scythiak figure, most of them are still up for grabs to have them named after you. 

I still owe t800a a "Franz Scorpus", but maybe he'll like to take the priest in the middle. 

The involvement and feedback has kept me going on this army longer than I may have in a vacuum; thanks tons for that! 

I'll be starting on another project soon, but more on that next time.

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