Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Unexpected Scythiak recruits, Campaign Progress

I managed to get some painting progress done on the Scythiak, getting basic skin tones done on all of the infantry.  I've been doing a mix of different shades, no particular rhyme or reason as to which figs get which one.  The Scythiak are equal opportunity corruptors.

They'll even take second hand traitors!  Rob, one of the other players in the campaign had a bunch of Chaos Marauder guard that he'd gotten off of ebay but wasn't going to use. Ton of infantry, bunch of Rough Riders, some flagellants likely to be psyker battle squads, and a few fancy dudes that were probably going to be priests.

Though I was tempted, he wasn't willing to take my "this is way too low but I'll give it a shot" offer for the whole lot, but I did end up getting a third squad of Rough Riders in case I decide not to run the Sentinels sometime, plus two extra RRs with meltaguns in case I want to run a squad with them, and one of the priest guys.  Apparently the priest is a WHFB priest of Ulric with the eviscerator and book swapped in.

If anyone out there might be interested in a big start to a Scythiak-style/Chaos Guard type army and might want to buy the stuff Rob has left, email me through the profile and I'll forward your info over to him.  I don't know exact numbers, but there were many squads of infantry with a number of powerfists (so probably set up as vet squads) and lots of meltaguns, 18 rough riders based on marauder horsemen, a bunch of flagellants and the two remaining priest-dudes.

Rob and I also got a game in, my Scythiak IG vs. his regular IG.  We started at 1000pts base, but due to his having more Manufactorums, he got an extra 100pts.  Sorry Mags, no pictures of the game again, maybe next time.

I took the Primaris Psyker again, six Ogryn, two infantry platoons of two squads each (one with PW/GL, one with PW/meltagun squads), lascannon squad, mortar squad, 3xspawntinels (units of one each).

He took 3xValkyries with hellstrike missiles carrying carapace vets, regular Leman Russ, Straken + medic, etc. in Chimera.

We did the Battle Missions scenario, Prepared Assault.  He ended up as the IG role, appropriately enough.  I set up with the three objectives in my half of the table, he got to set up second and go first (unless I could steal, which didn't happen).  I was initially very worried about all the armor he had and thought I would just get blasted off the table.  Long story short, I got pretty lucky on pen and damage results, aided by positioning that allowed me a lot of rear armor shots from reserves and outflanking units.  In the end the loyalists ended up being tabled Turn 6, a much different result than I thought would happen going in!  Going to the strategic map, I made the roll to seize a tile, a Command Bastion.  Woo-hoo!

Next to us Seneca's Orks and Mike's IG played a Seize Ground, with the Orks emerging victorious.  Seneca's Snikrot is notorious for waiting until turn 4 or 5 to show up, so he made sure to get lots of Power Stations during setup (which aid in Reserves rolls) to help get him on the table faster.  That emphasis left him deficient in other areas, so Mike got some bonus points and a couple of extra USRs, including FNP on his big combined infantry squad.  At one point they lost three guardsmen from twenty wounds!

John's IG/GK also got another game in against the Ed-dar, with similar results to last time, getting starcannoned to death.  Win for the Swordwind.

Aside from the Scythiak, there's another new recruit.  A new Mike (different than the one in the campaign) came over interested in what we were doing, and by the end he was pretty fired up to get started in 40K.  Long-time RPG and CCG player, knows the basics of the 40K background from things like the Dawn of War games, and it sounds like he's going to end up with Chaos Marines, a decision I of course heartily approve of.

New figures, an unexpected victory, and an enthusiastic new player - a pretty productive day down at the store!


  1. Hey Sons,

    It is always good when the horde grows.Is Rob going to make the GameOnGw gameday in High Point on Saturday? He might find someone interested there.


  2. As far as I know he'll be there, and I expect that he'll bring the horde along for the swap meet.


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