Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Campaign Progress - quick note

I got in another campaign game yesterday, with the Scythiak facing off against JVB's Guard with Grey Knight allies.  A combo of Grey Knights, Grey Knight Terminators, Cadian Straken and a number of other Guardsmen managed to eventually pull all the Ogryn down, but not before they killed a few squads of Guard and the regular Grey Knights.  We were playing 1500pts Seize Ground, with the loyalists actually at 1700pts due to the Planetary Empires bonuses, and the Scythiak getting two special rules bonuses.  I took Feel No Pain on the Ogryn, which didn't help them too much this time with all the power weapon attacks they ended up facing, and Scouts on a Veteran squad, letting them Outflank.  At the end of turn 5 I was ahead, but the game went on to turn 6 and the loyalists managed a win.  It was a pretty brutal game, with many nailbiting moments that determined the outcome.  The filthy loyalists took a Command Bastion from me as the fruits of their victory.  Curses!

In other games, Seneca's Orks fought Rob's IG in a Waaagghh mission from Battle Missions.  I don't recall who won that one, but I think that the Orks were ahead.  The Ed-dar and Mike's Guard also battled, with the Eldar going for a horde of grav-tanks that let them dominate the game.

With the Scythiak, I came to the realization that if I'm keeping the fatigues as they are for the techno-barbarian cohort, I can get those guys finished up pretty quickly, so my painting will be directed towards that end - one platoon plus mortar/lascannon squads and Khonan (Marbo). 


  1. The Internets Demand More Pictures! Seriously, how am I supposed to steal your ideas when you stubbornly refuse to show them! LOL

  2. LOL. I agree but for a different reason. I keep hearing about Grey Knights but I have yet to SEE any.

  3. Sheesh. I give a two-parter batrep chock full of pictures, and no one notices. But here's a post with no pictures, and now I'm the bad guy. ;-)

    @Lo - that's because of the Shrouding - the GK don't show up on pictures. ;-) More seriously, you can see some in action here:


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