Monday, November 1, 2010

Imperial Armour 9 Badab War - Tyrant's Legion Example List

I previously reviewed the Tyrant's Legion list itself here, but I also wanted to provide an example of how a list built using that army might look.  So here's a sample 1500pt Tyrant's Legion army.

HQ: Legion Centurion - Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon. (85pts)
The Centurion is a required choice in 1500+ pts, so we have to include one.  I'll leave him as the only HQ, as adding Huron himself would be a bit much at this level.  Huron isn't cheap on his own, and being a monster you'll want to give him a ride.  Since he's in Terminator Armor, that means a Land Raider.  If you have the LR, you'll want to make full use of it, so you're probably using his ability to take a SM elite choice to have some Termies/Hammernators join him, taking the total cost of the package up to around half of your 1500pt army!  I think that once you start breaking 2000pts Huron becomes a better option, but at lower points the Centurion or the Auxilia Command Detachment are probably where you'll be looking for HQs.

Elite: Corpse Taker (Bolt Pistol/Power Weapon) + 5 Servitors (7 total Servitors), Rhino w/Dozer Blade (150pts)
Mild assault or counter-assault unit.  Centurion rides here, to up the CC punch and to benefit from the FNP.  It's not going to take out any serious assault unit, but should be able to do a number on enemy generalists like Tac Marines or weaklings like Tau or Necrons.

Elite: Renegade Marauder Squad (x5) 2xMeltagun, Demo Charge.  Murder Cultists (Furious Charge+Scouts).  Arvus Lighter Transport w/TL Autocannons. (200pts)

Elite: Renegade Marauder Squad (x5) 2xMeltagun, Demo Charge.  Murder Cultists (Furious Charge+Scouts).  Arvus Lighter Transport w/TL Autocannons. (200pts)
 With Scouts carrying over to dedicated transports, you have a cheaper but less powerful version of the IG Valk/Vendetta + Vets.  Scout forward or Outflank, drop off in melta range/toss demo charge.  Even better if a weak transport that the Arvus can pop before you toss the charge onto the dazed passengers.

Troops: Legion Auxilia, +10 bodies (30 total) (100pts)  It's a 1+ requirement, which is most of the reason it's included.  They're main use is to provide cover (and due to the Tyrant's Due special rule, potentially 3+ cover!) to the Marine blob behind them.  Once they're cut down, try to rally them (and they can rally under 50% if the squad leader is alive) and go to ground on an objective.  

Troops: Legion Space Marine Cohort - 20xSpace Marines, 4xPlasmagun, Power Fist for Sgt.  (300pts)
Walk behind the cannon fodder, get close enough to rapidfire things to death.  Choose other weapons to taste; I went with plasma here to tie in with the mass of bolters.  

Troops: Auxilia Armsmen Cadre (x10) Meltagun.  Chimera w/Autocannon Turret.  (120pts)

Troops: Auxilia Armsmen Cadre (x10) Meltagun.  Chimera w/Autocannon Turret.  (120pts)
These are your "Armored Fist" equivalents - not as good as vets (BS3, only one special weapon) but cheaper.  

Heavy Support: Thunderer Siege Tank (140pts) AV14 Vindicator, use to try to take out heavy threats the rest of the force might have trouble with.

Total: 1500

There are lots of other ways to build a Tyrant's Legion list - more emphasis on Marines, more emphasis on Auxilia, load up HS, etc. but here's one example to help give a better idea of the list.  As I said in the prior review, it's not a fancy army.  You get Guard-type units without the power and options that make IG powerful, and SM units without a lot of the tricks normal SM can bring.  It could be a fun army, but it's not something you'd want to take if crushing the opposition is your goal. 


  1. I've been toying with much the same thing... though a different list. I wouldn't be putting plasma guns on the mass behind the guard though. If you get a cover save, so do your opponents.

    I also like the devilish thought of the guard heavy weapon teams. You can potentially have 6 weapons in a squad. Ork hordes will disintegrate under 6 ML's.

    It is a really, really neat list. No termies in it, no Land Raiders. Not many tanks. It is very close to what it actually should be. I dig.

  2. The theory is that by the time you're in position to fire effectively with the marine blob, the auxilia are either dead, falling back, or small enough that they can just move out of the way. May not always work that way of course!

  3. I wish I could get the chance to play against a list like this. I've been craving something new for months but all I get is the same over-exposed lists again and again. If I have to kill Vulkan one more time I'm going to vomit...


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