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Bash from the Past: 2008 Fantasy Tourney

(With my old haunt closing down soon, With my backup place to host these likely closing down soon too and now that I understand Blogger better, I'm re-posting a number of my old Batreps here, hope you enjoy. Keep in mind when reading that some of the games were under old editions/army books.)

I've since sold most of the Gobbo army, though the Steam Giant is still knocking about in the hobby room.  The army consisted of a Goblin General on giant spider, battle standard bearer, two shamans, three blocks of night goblins w/fanatics, wolf riders, spider riders, steam giant (just counts-as regular giant), a unit of Ogre Leadbelchers, and a bunch of warmachines - rocklobba and six spearchukkas.

From March 2008:

Yesterday played in a local WHFB tourney, using my Gobbos.

Eight players showed up. 2 Chaos Khorne armies, an Araby-themed Chaos Tzeentch army, another Chaos army (not sure of 'denomination'), a Cult of Slaanesh (DE/Chaos mix) army, my Gobbos, another Gobbo army, and a Dwarf army.

First round, played vs one of the Khorne armies. Chariot, lots of knights, minotaurs, flesh hounds, ironguts, leadbelchers, mounted marauders, furies. Only partly painted, but what was painted was nice.

First game I'd played with my current list, and first game in a long time. I was pretty rusty, and each round for the first few rounds forgot a lot of things. Forgot magic one turn, caught up in getting animosity, charges and fanatic moves right forgot a lot of remaining moves. Ended up paying pretty heavily for that, as units got caught out of position that otherwise could have avoided getting creamed.

Highlight of the game from the Gobbo side was a unit of NGs getting charged by Ironguts, beating them and running them down. :lol: Other good things were the general taking out the flesh hounds and the Giant beating his leadbelchers. Other matchups, like spider riders getting charged by a bunch of knights + general on daemonic mount didn't go as well. ;)

The player (Kevin) went on to the 'championship' vs. the other Khorne player (Ian) who was also undefeated. Ian ended up winning for best general.

Second round, played the Tzeentch Araby army (Chris). Again, only partly painted, but what was painted was nicely done. A lot of conversion and sculpting work. Lord on disc (flying carpet), daemon (genie), mounted marauders (turbaned desert raiders), knights (not too converted yet), three chariots (elephants, unfinished conversions), giant.

At first, I thought I was screwed. I misread the scenario, and my scenario-designated unit had to be deployed in the middle of the table, not in the middle of my battle line as I thought. So, my largest NG unit with BSB got charged right off the bat by his flying genie and terror-fled back through my lines and later off the table. Since they fled from the terror test before the genie got close enough, lost the fanatics too. In my turn, took a couple wounds off the genie via spearchukkas.

Ended up working OK, as he ended up charging my general the following turn with the genie, loaded up with orange flame (lots of rerolls). General survived, and the return attacks finished the daemon/genie off. No daemonic saves vs. magic weapon, item to remove ward saves anyways, S10 One Hit Wallopa. Back to the lamp! May have to model a small lamp on the base of the general. ^_^

In my turn, let loose with the Pipes of Doom. His knights panicked and never recovered, one chariot panicked but later recovered. Over the rest of the game he killed some war machines and picked off a few gobbos, but it pretty thoroughly went my way. Relentless spearchukkas tore up his chariots, one NG unit held vs. his disc lord, then spiders moved in behind to catch him fleeing in following round = dead lord. General moved through terrain to charge the marauders after they came back on the table from an overrun, finished them off. His other hero got his chariot destroyed, then went one-on-one with the giant. Hero- 0, Steam Giant - 1. His giant got killed by two fanatics passing through with max hits.

They were wiped out to a man. His magic wasn't too effective - I had some good dispel rolls, I let minor spells through (sure, take a couple goblins off, no big deal) and he was out of range a number of times. My army is built to be pretty deadly to just this type of force - all mounted is prime for the Pipes of Doom, and fanatics + spearchukkas are deadly for low-model count things like chariots.

Third round, played the Cult of Slaanesh army. Very nicely painted, husband/wife team (Erik and Denise?) did the painting together, but Erik was the only one playing today. Ended up with best painted.

Dark riders, Cold One Knights, two fiends of slaanesh (chaos spawn), Keeper of Secrets, Mengil's Manflayers, wyches, marauders on foot, shades, hero on daemonic steed, hero with wyches, mounted sorceress.

MVPs were definitely the warmachine crews - and not just in shooting. They did well in shooting, bringing down the KoS, shooting the fighty hero out of the saddle and knocking out a number of rank and file guys, but their shining moments were in close combat! One spearchukka crew fought off the Shades, killing them down to one elf who ran away to slink again another day - no losses to the gobbos. Another on the far flank fought off the now-riderless daemonic steed, again with no losses.

Giant fought the wyches, killed the imbedded hero and a number of regular wyches, but was killed in turn. Fell directly onto them, killing a few more. Dark riders wiped out by fanatics early, fiends killed by spider riders and spearchukka fire, marauders whittled down by warmachines and wiped out by NG block + general. Cold Ones wiped out by spearchukkas. Mengil's Manflayers I believe were under half from a couple of Foot of Gork stomps. I lost the spider riders, wolf riders, one block of gobbos, several warmachines, giant and leadbelchers. I ended up winning, going 2W/1L for the tourney.

Goblin moment of the game was a fanatic scattering into one of my NG blocks, bouncing through to the giant, bouncing through to the leadbelchers. Luckily didn't do too much damage!

Had a good time, glad to finally get some games in. Everyone I played was nice, fun games and would definitely enjoy playing them again.

Some pics:

Game one:

Giant's eye view.

Lots of combats.

Not looking good for the Gobbos.

A few turns into game two. Fanatics knocked out Araby giant (was near the Steam Giant), daemon killed by general, Araby general on flying carpet on the left destroying warmachines.

And more:


  1. That Steam Giant is awesome! I love the idea of Night Goblins having their own Stompa... hehe, must really irk all those Dwarf Engineers. Do you have any more pictures of the Steam Giant? I enjoyed reading about your tournament experience, thanks!

  2. Yeah, if I kept them I was thinking of going the "Goblin Engineer" route with them, doing up chariots as powered wagons, ClockwOrcs, mechanical trolls/ogres and the like.

    Here's a pic of the giant itself:


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