Monday, November 22, 2010

Bash from the Past: Orks vs. Dark Angels 1250pts Tourney Prep match

January 2010

Had a game today against Seneca's Dark Angels, getting a little practice in before a local store tourney this weekend.

Event will be 1250pts, all matches Annihilation. So that's what we went with for the test match, and rolled randomly for deployment type, and of course ended up with Dawn of War. I would have liked to start everything on the table myself but it ended up hurting the DA more with their heavy weapons and the Night Fight.


Warboss Mega armor/cybork/bosspole
5xmeganobs, 3xshoota-skorchas
--riding in Battlewagon, ram, grot riggers, armor plates, grabbin klaw, 2xbig shootas

Big mek, KFF, eavy armor
riding with
11 shoota boys in trukk (ram, rokkit)

12 sluggas, PK/eavy armor/bosspole nob in trukk (ram, rokkit)

12 ard boys, PK/bosspole nob in trukk (ram, rokkit)

30 shootas boys, 3 big shootas, nob eavy armor, bosspole, big choppa

Dark Angels:



Ven Dread Assault Cannon/heavy flamer

5-man squad, plasmagun, TLLC razorback

10-man tac squad, plasmacannon, powerfist



10-man dev squad, 4xML

As said, Dawn of War was a blessing, as it would help me close without taking too much fire early on Trukks. The big worries for my power unit of meganobz were the DCCW dread and the vindicator.

I seem to have accidentally deleted the pre-game shots of the board as a whole, sorry. :blush: Couple of ruins, some rocky projections scattered around, some barricades.


Dark Angels win the roll-off, choose to go first. Set up large tac squad in second story of ruins along with chaplain and razorback nearby. I consider setting up the BW/MANZ/boss up on the table, but decide to keep the KFF mech assault together and instead just set up the 30-man mob across from the Dark Angels infantry.


Everything's ready for the Dark Angels' first turn. But we's kunnin' Orks and manage a six to steal the initiative! Dust clouds herald the arrival of the mech column.


The footslogging shoota mob manages to roll well enough to spot the DA infantry and big shootas take down two marines as the warm tingle of the KFF rolls over the squad from a nearby Trukk.

DA turn 1, stuff rolls on. Uh, oh, Space Wolves too?



A few boyz get thinned out with shooting, but some night fight checks are failed as well.


Ork infantry moves up with vehicles hot on their heels. Tinboy (ardboy) transport smashes through barricade on the right.


A couple more marines fall to shoota fire, and the Tinboy trukk gets a string of good rolls and blows up the razorback.

DA infantry and tanks shoot up more Orks, devs stun Tinboys' trukk. Plasmacannon overheats and fries the tac marine carrying it. SW dread runs up into a blocking position.


Turn 3, boyz move out of the way allowing the battlewagon to RAM the dreadnought!


He risks trying to death or glory, fails to penetrate. So ram resolved against the dread's rear armor as it's bowled over...stunning it. Oh well, it's something! Boss and MANZ pile out.

To their left the shootas move forward again. To their right, the slugga boyz pile out of their ride. With three squads ready to assault, the Waagh! is called! The meganobs smash into the CC dreadnought, shootas hit the ranged dread and sluggas charge the 5-man tac squad screening the devs. Looking for an instant death kill, the CC dread seeks out the warboss but misses. In return, the dread is pulled apart by masses of powerklaw attacks. Sluggas wipe out the small tac squad and consolidate back, trying to keep out of LOS of the vindicator. Big choppa fails to take down the firepower dread, but the assault fulfills its primary goals of keeping the mob untargetable by ranged fire and keeping the dread's guns silent.



Vindicator shot takes out a few Meganobz and whirlwind tears up the sluggas.


Devs open up on the depleted Orks right in front of them. Three out of four missiles fail to hit, but the bolters mow down the boys, leaving a wounded Nob the only survivor. Being a good Blood Axe, he skeedaddles back to headquarters (blows morale and falls back).


The tac squad + chaplain in the building come down and assault the remaining meganobs. They take out one and wound another, but lose several of their own including the chaplain.


Turn 4

With the devs attention elsewhere, the Tinboys trukk recovers and speeds forward. The bots and meks leap out and charge the devs, wiping them out while the sluggas' trukk moves up to give them some cover from the vindi and a rokkit manages to stun the whirlwind.


The DA powerfist continues to whiff, and the meganobs wipe out the remaining tacticals and consolidate away from the vindi.


DA turn vindi manages to kill a couple of tinboys, dread vs big choppa duel continues.

Turn 5

Shootas and mek drive over to stunned whirly and charge it. Remaining megas mount up again in the BW which rolls towards the vindicator. Dread manages to break the remaining two Orks and runs them down, consolidating towards the battlewagon.




Dread fires into the side of the battlewagon and even with the KFF nearby manages to immobilize the vehicle.


Vindi fires at the shootas who just finished off the whirlwind, kills four despite cover and going to ground for a 3+ cover save.


Dread charges into the immobilized wagon, S6 vs AV10 rear armor does what lascannons cannot and the wagon is wrecked! Megas pile out in front.


Turn 6

Tinboyz finish redeploying and charge into the dread but fail to kill it, while meganobz do manage to wreck the vindicator.



Game ends, Ork victory.

As said, Dawn of War ended up as a big help. Pitched Battle might have gone very differenty. Some better rolls at critical times could have helped swing things as well, like if the DCCW dread had splatted the warboss or the tac PF had managed to land some punches or if the plasmacannon hadn't fried himself.

On a side note, I'm very pleased at how well some of the pics turned out!

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