Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Search of Taurus

I had been thinking of doing something like this for a while, but seeing jabberjabber's similar list over at Warpstone Flux prompted me to go ahead and do it.

Looking at the last year's worth of search results that led people to the blog reveals some expected things, as well as some stranger ones.


"Sons of taurus" and various variations and associations appears frequently.  Chaos Marines, Traitor Guard and similar searches pop up in various forms very often, especially things like how to start chaos marines, why play chaos marines and the like.  Things dealing with the Badab War are also popular, with searches for things like badab, ia9, and tyrant's legion showing up often, most of them likely over the past few months, with the release of the Forge World book and my reviews prompting hits.


It's to be expected that due to the name that lots of things dealing with "taurus" or other zodiac type things appear, but here's some of the odder and more fun ones of those as well as some outright oddballs.

"can you shoot lead bullets threw a taurus pt 140"

No idea. 

"characters of to kill the enemy by roman a. dela cruz"
I guess dealing with characters, kill, and enemy will lead this search to all sorts of places.

"dark eldar codex download"

People were looking for that everywhere apparently!  Not here, move along.

"faeit of fotbol palyar video"

Apparently my mentions of Faeit 212 drove this here.

"good looking obliterators"

If you find any, let me know. 

"horse heresy board game"

A game reflecting on a bitter time in mankind's history that led to the breakup of the Rough Rider legions.

"make stuff work by hitting it"

An admirable question.  If that led them here instead of to their answer, I hope they just smacked their computer.

"techno barbarian hoodie"

There are a number of other techno barbarian results due to the Scythiak posts, but I'd never even considered giving them hoodies.  But I guess some of the Mordheim cultist figures could qualify.

And I'll leave you with one of the best,

"skuuls deat tautus"

Right on man, right on.  Whatever you mean, right on.  Go. Hunt.  Kill Skuls.


  1. I did one search in Greek but I only got links to the zodiac sign :(

  2. Very interesting. I'll have to share some of mine after I have a couple more months under my belt- at the moment they are fairly crazy. I think it has to do with the disconnect between my blog NAME and my blog's address.

  3. I check my search terms and get a laugh out of some of them. Great idea sharing them though.

  4. It's entertaining sometimes checking them out.

    Over the last month Tyrant's Legion searches have been king.

  5. Yeah, probably the most popular search for my blog has been Dornian Heresy linking to a review that I wrote. Great idea!

  6. I love the "make stuff work by hitting it" search! Brilliant!!

  7. A Taurus PT140 is a handgun. It seems someone is wanting to shoot reloaded lead bullets instead of the jacketed bullets in factory ammo. The lead bullets are cheaper and easier to reload but may build up deposits in the barrel. They evidently, want to know if this will happen in a PT140.

  8. Haha! Those are some really funny searches... I think you should make "skuuls deat tautus" your blog's motto.


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