Thursday, October 18, 2012

Battle Report: Orks vs. Dark Angels - Da Relik!

I made it out to Gaming Underground Wednesday evening for a game with Seneca, who brought his Dark Angels.  I brought my Orks as I'd recently painted up the kans and dreads and wanted to actually use them on the table!

We ended up with the Relic mission and Dawn of War (long edge) deployment.  He won the roll for first turn, but elected to set up and move second.

I set up with kans and dread up in front of a full-size shoota mob with attached KFF mek on my right, mega armored boss and three meganobs, trukk of ard boyz and grots in the middle, and lobbas and bikers on my left.  Plus outflanking deffkoptas in reserve.  Seneca set up a vindicator and missile devs opposite the kans, LR Crusader packed with termie command squad, Belial and chaplain in the middle along with a speeder, firepower dread opposite my bikers, and another terminator squad teleporting in.

Orks surge forward, with the trukk trying to position to block off the LR from the relic.  Bikers move up on the land speeder.  Terminators teleport in to help stem the tide.

Crusader wheels around and lends its guns to the cause as well.  The KFF and bonus +1 save for night fighting were golden, with me making something like 10 4+ cover saves in a row.  Lost a couple of boys and a few hull points from the dread from missile fire, but the force field saved the kans and more boys from the vindicator and assault cannons.

Speeder flits over to the bikers, and heavy flamer takes one out, but another dodges the multimelta.

Orks surge forward again, and mega nobs grab the relic as other units swarm around them.

View from Sgt. Jackson's position.  "I am tired of these &^% Orks on this #$ planet!"

Bikers shoot down the speeder.  Dread charges into land raider, failing to penetrate it but stripping a hull point.  Kans fail to charge the terminators - should have called the Waagh! - been too long since I've played Orks myself on a regular basis.

Vindicator has better luck against the kans this time, cratering two of them.  The third one goes down to assault cannon fire soon afterwards.

Dread also goes down to terminator fire in the rear armor.

Megas move the relic back while others cover them.  Shootas unload fire into the terminators, whose saves can be seen in front of the land raider - three ones!  One guy left who promptly gets assaulted by the mob.  On the other side, the bikers assault the DA dread and are tied up for most of the rest of the game whiffing with their klaw.

Get 'im and loot that chainfist fast!

The Dark Angels tank shock the land raider through the mob of shoota boyz to try to get over towards the relic.  The megas pass the ball over to the ard boyz and charge the raider while boyz surround it.  The warboss explodes the raider, resulting in the loss of one terminator and a handful of boyz.  Koptas came in and took the gun off of the vindicator and later finished it off.

Angels charge and wipe out the warboss and meganobs for the loss of a few of their own. 

Relic gets passed off again, this time to the grots while the terminators get surrounded again.

Shootas charge in and take out a few terminators and tie up the characters.  Pretty much where we stand at the end of the game.

Making good use of the grabba stik!  Victory for the Orks!  Three points for relic, one for first blood, one for linebreaker, while DA get one for slay the warlord.


  1. That looked like a fun game, and who says there is no use for grots.


  2. Grots are awesome. Getting in the way, bait, walking on from reserve to cover an objective...the uses are many and varied.


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