Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Possessed List for Dai

In a comment on the last post, Dai from Lost and the Damned and Stunted (which I think involves heretics involved in car chases) expressed a desire for a list with Possessed.  So here's an attempt.

Huron Blackheart
Good budget HQ, and auto Warlord Trait to allow Possessed and maybe more to Infiltrate.
The main event.  Alternatively, take 9 with Mark of Khorne or Mark of Slaanesh for net +1pt.
5xCSM, flamer

Sit on objective/quad gun.
10xCSM, 2xmelta, +CCWs, champion meltabombs

Midfield objective grabber, or infiltrating vehicle hunters.
5xSpawn, Mark of Nurgle

Tackle whatever the Possessed don't want to deal with.  T6 to allow vindicator to drop near them with impunity.
6xWarp Talons, Mark of Slaanesh

Fast initiative 5 marine killers.
Heldrake, baleflamer

Annoying flyer thing, Long Fang etc. hunter.
Forgefiend - hades autocannons

Fire support, bust open transports for possessed/warp talons.
Vindicator, siege shield, combi-bolter, warpflame gargoyles 

Shoot for termies/land raiders, big distraction to help possessed and spawn cross the field.
Aegis line with quad gun

Flyer support/distraction, cover for vehicles, extra shots vs. transports.
Total 1498pts
Due to the cost of Possessed and having no way to make them Troops, plus needing ways to handle the things that Possessed can't handle well (flyers, 2+ saves, vehicles in general) there's a lot of support and not much in the way of Troops.  You could trade in a support unit like the Spawn for more Troops, but in general I don't think it's a big deal.  One mission is Kill Points, so scoring doesn't matter.  Scouring lets Fast score, giving you more scorers.  Same with the Big Guns mission and your Heavy Support.  One only has two objectives, one has one.  So in only one of six missions will you necessarily be short on scoring units, and you still have several units that can help contest, and things that will punish anyone sitting around.
If you don't like the new things (heldrake, forgefiend) swap them for other stuff like terminators or havocs.

Hope you like it Dai, or that it gets your own ideas flowing!


  1. Super sweet thanks mate! (Sorry it took me a while to say so)

    Being a noob to the game in it's..... well since 2nd Ed really... but being able to do a wee bit of list making with what little I can get out of at least reading the rules, I think this would actually be a good list.

    There's stuff to deal with most any threats that I can imagine being tossed my way and it'd really only squirm a little at the heaviest armoured threats. (Of which in other rules sets I've found avoiding is far more effective than tackling anyhow)

    And Spawn.... I guess they are good now eh? :) Those would be BOMB to model.

    Once again sir, appreciate the effort it took to get this posted. I'll maybe give it a try once me and my mate get started playing our Dark Vengeance missions and go beyond!

  2. No problem, glad you like it.

    Spawn should be much better now. Cheaper, faster, better in CC, controllable.


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