Tuesday, October 2, 2012

White Dwarf and Deathtongue!

By now you've all seen the front cover, so here's the back.
We've been hearing about the new era of White Dwarf, and wonder of wonders, the best part for me is that mine only came nine days after it was available in stores, compared to the frequent twenty-plus days or so that it used to frequently take.  I was half expecting to get my CSM preview issue a week after I had the codex in hand.  Even if this were the only positive change, I'll take it.  Maybe in a few years I can start getting it at the same time as the stores do.  Crazy, I know.

But there's more!

The issue also comes with a nice little two-sided Horus Heresy poster:

The content is pretty nice, layouts look nice, lots of pictures and features on some conversions and such.  I haven't read it all yet, but it doesn't look too shabby.  My main complaint with it physically is the "clever" background they put on all the pages, similar to what they did for the new rulebook, that make it look like someone with a leaky coffee cup and Cheeto fingers already flipped through every page.  Go back to White Dwarf, not Offwhite Stained Dwarf please.

I don't recall seeing good scale pictures of the new Maulerfiend/Forgefiend yet, so here's one to help give a better idea of the scale:

Big sucker!  

OK, but what is it with this new era of Chaos?  Have we lost the spikes only to have them replaced by tongues?  The -fiends have them, the Heldrake has one, the Helbrute has tongues coming out of one of his armpits, some of the new figures have tongues on their shoulderpads...too much.  Half makes me want to make the Sons of Simmons renegades.

The battle report (Alpha Legion vs. White Scars) was pretty well done.  Lots of pics, and players though constrained by units available/that needed to be featured, doing things real gamers do.  I'm impressed with the apparent honesty of the report too, with (SPOILER ALERT)  the new units not always doing so well and the new army losing.  What I thought would be the big failing of the Forgefiend's ectoplasm cannons (gets hot) proved to be a frequent issue.  Kudos to them for not glossing over things like that.

Is it worth $10?  Probably not, but closer than it was before.  And since when is any of this stuff worth what we pay for it?


  1. Im thinking the forgefiend with Hades Autocannons are the best bet. I am not much of a "plasma cannon" fan.

  2. When they work, they could be devastating. But gets hot plus not being able to snap fire them makes me think the hades would indeed be better in general.

  3. I agree completely. Plus, I love the look of giant gatling cannons on anything. It's too bad I haven't redone my 'assault cannon' army in a couple editions...

    It's cool to see you pick up the WD. I did some pimpin' on my site, and I appreciate the things they're doing to take my money. At least making it more paletteable, if that makes sense. :-) Great article!

  4. I just don't know why they called them 'ectoplasma' cannons! All I can think of when I here that is the Ghostbusters movies...

  5. Nine days after is still unacceptable. I don't understand why WD has this problem, no other magazine works like this where those that pay up front get it last.


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