Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chaos Marines: Example lists

Last post I mentioned some general types of lists I was thinking about with the new CSM codex.  I've since played around with points a bit and come up with some prototypes:

Spiky Marines - 1500pts
HQ - Huron Blackheart (160)
Troops - 20xCSM, ccws, 2xplasma gun, champ combi-bolter (343)

Troops - 10xCSM, ccws, 2xmeltaguns, champ melta bombs (185)

Fast - 10xBikers, 2xplasma gun, champion melta bombs and power sword (260)

Fast - 10xRaptors, 2xflamers, champion melta bombs and power sword (210)

Heavy - 7xHavocs, 2xautocannon, 2xML with flakk (171)

Heavy - 7xHavocs, 2xautocannon, 2xML with flakk (171)
Fortification - Aegis line with quad gun (100)
(1500 total)
Just a ton of power-armored bodies advancing up with some fire support.  The main worry is Ld - aside from whatever unit Huron is part of (if he's still alive) morale checks, esp. losing assaults can be a real worry.  To bump it up to 2000 I might add another 20-man squad with a character.
Yes we are Chaos - 2000pts
The way this one worked out, it was actually better/easier to base it on Chaos Daemons, with CSM as allies.
HQ - Lord of Change - we are legion, master of sorcery, breath of chaos (330)
Troops - 5xHorrors, bolt of tzeentch (95)
Troops - 5xHorrors, bolt of tzeentch (95)
Fast - 3xScreamers (75)

Fast - 3xScreamers (75) 
Heavy - Soul Grinder, phlegm (large blast) (160)
Allied CSM
HQ - Daemon Prince, armor, wings, tzeentch, level 3 sorcerer, spell familiar (305)
Troops - 20xcultists, autoguns, 2xheavy stubber (117)
Elites - 10xPossessed, mark of tzeentch, champ gift of mutation (320)
Fast - 6xWarp Talons, mark of tzeentch (226)
Heavy - Defiler, Dirge Caster (200)
(1998 total)
I would need a Soul Grinder to actually build this. Could be fun, but would take some getting used to I'd think.
All Rotten on the Western Front -2000pts

HQ - Typhus (230)

Troops - 10xPlague Marines, 2xplasma guns, champ combi-bolter (273)

Troops - 10xPlague Marines, 2xmelta guns, champ melta bombs (265)

Troops - 25xCultists (zombies) (110)

Troops - 25xCultists, 2xflamer (120)

Elite - Helbrute, TL lascannon, heavy flamer (145)
Elite - 5xChaos Terminators, power fist, chainfist, heavy flamer, 2xcombi-melta, combi-flamer, mark of Nurgle (251)

Fortification - Aegis Line, quad gun (100)

Allied IG:

HQ - Company command squad, regimental standard, autocannon (75)

Troops - Platoon command squad, autocannon (40)

     -Troops - Infantry squad - grenade launcher, autocannon (75)

     -Troops - Infantry squad - grenade launcher, autocannon (75)
     -Troops- Mortar squad (60)
     -Troops- Autocannon squad (75)

     -Troops - Lascannon squad (105)

(1999 total)

Helbrute there mainly due to my having recently gotten one of the FW dreads and would want to use it.  Would probably sit by the IG firebase to add to fire and help protect it.  Would prefer flamers on the infantry squads over grenade launchers, will see if I feel up to converting them onto the metal Steel Legion figs. 


  1. Hiya sonsoftaurus! I really like your models, especially the guy dual-wielding the bolt pistols. Some constructive criticism on your lists...

    I love your first list because I love the idea of infiltrating 20 CSMs, 10 bikes, and 10 raptors into your opponent's face before the game even starts. But I think you need more troops.

    In your "yes we are chaos" list I think you're way light on troops at 2000 points. 3 scoring units, two of which are 5-man throwaways, is just too few to win. I'd recommend dropping the possessed, the defiler, and the soulgrinder, all of which are vastly overpriced for what they bring to the table, and adding some more durable troops.

    In your "all rotten on the western front" list, I think you've got too many zombies in your Plague Zombies unit. The way the rule is written, you're limited to 10. I wrote an article about it here:

    I'd suggest just leaving 'em as regular cultists, and then you're fine. This is my favorite list of the 3. I'd recommend trying to squeeze in a couple rhinos for the plague marines to add a bit of mobility.

  2. Hi GK, thanks for the comment and the review!

    I agree that the first two lists could use more troops. Unfortunately to get them I'd be dropping a lot of the stuff that I'd like to play with or fit the idea I'm going for. I try to make something that has a chance, but if I end up losing and having fun I'd rather do that than win a game that's boring for me.

    I like the nurgle list too, and may end up making that one regardless of what else I do. I understand the position of those saying it's 10 PZ max, but I disagree with it. It's been discussed other places here and certainly elsewhere to (un)death, so I'm not going to argue about it, will rather just wait for the FAQ.

  3. Hello from France M. Sons ^^

    Your blog is very very good and I really like your work (specially the Hell hound army).

    I subscribe to you blog, can I put your blog on my blogroll on mine please ?

    Welcome in my Temple (and all those who want to come in ^^) !!

    I will follow carefully your blog !!



  4. Greetings Morikun!

    From an initial look you've got a very nice blog there! I look forward to delving deeper later.

    It was funny reading a translation of your Chaos Codex review in English - it took me a minute to realize that "John White" was "John Blanche" - ah, translators!

    À la prochaine!

  5. Thank you very much for your visit ^^

    You laugh about translators and John White/Blanche... you know that the french translates and pronunciations are so poor...

    Try to imagine the fact that few months ago I played with 2 english guys and an another french in a 40k battle. The battlemap was a beach and greenlands... The other french guy had a so bad accent that each time he shout "Hurry up on the beach to protect objectives" (the sound "each" and "itch" is nearly equal for us ^^)... English guys understood "hurry up on the bitch to protect objectives" XD

    He didn't understand why the english guys and me had a good laugh !!!

    A très bientôt mon cher Sonoftaurus

  6. Great story!

    For all the fun we have with those who have English as a second language, it's still usually much better than English-speakers' grasp of other languages.


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