Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wednesday Night Warhammer, plus a use for old Magic cards

Clocktower with working clock made from surplus (aren't they all) basic MtG lands.  Presumably the actual clock parts are made from something else.
The local store owners came back from a trade show with the above piece of terrain.  I like it; they have tons of cards, maybe we can have a whole card city soon.

Tonight the Game On GW group had the first of hopefully many Wednesday night get-togethers at Gaming Underground in High Point.  Caught up a bit with some folks I hadn't seen in a while (Scott and Tony, who was back from giving Lady Liberty a pedicure) and met or re-met some new ones (Josh, John and Brian).  Plus a couple of regulars, Patrick and Steve of course.

Patrick and Steve were doing some 40K when I arrived, and the others got into some WHFB games before long.

Necron shennanigans vs. Eldar shennanigans
John borrowed Tony's Warriors of Chaos to play Tony's Ogres.  I only caught part of the first turn, where Tony's Firebelly miscast at the start of the first magic phase and blew up three of his own Ogres.  Ouch!

Scott's Dark Elves vs. Brian's Empire

I think the store's Fantasy League is still going on Saturdays, and 40K is usually going on Sundays, with another league starting up again probably in a few weeks.


  1. lol, I love the caption 'Necron shenanigans vs. Eldar shenanigans'!

  2. My mission is to speak the truth. Remember, whatever cool stuff my army can do is fluffy, whatever cool stuff your army can do is broken! ;-)


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