Thursday, December 1, 2011

No Necrons here. Some of the other stuff going on around the web!

While Necrons and 6th edition rumors have been dominating the blogs lately, when I've been procrastinating from real work I've been looking elsewhere.  Here's some of the other cool stuff that you may have missed if you've been absorbed with Doomsday Arks, Resurrection Protocols, and how rapid fire may or may not change.

Warpstone Flux has been modelling up some marines from the various legions based on the alternate universe of the Dornian Heresy, where the legions we know as loyal went traitor and vice versa.  Some neat work, hope he keeps making more!

Over at Skies of Flies Ground of Rust one of my local players' blogs, he's reworked his Lost and the Damned army background.  I thought it was an interesting read, a bit different than most, a coalition of some very diverse, and diversely motivated forces.

Samson Minis recently finished up some lovely Lamenters with a quartered scheme.  Madness.

It's been a good couple of weeks for the World Eaters, at both Heresy Workshop and at The War Master's Revenge.

Having just read the Purging of Kadillus and being a sucker for these types of projects, I was enchanted with the plans over at 2nd City Warzone to recreate the events as a campaign.

There's been some great Catachan action and figures going on at The Deathworlders.

Nyhil shows some fun Vraksian stuff over at Ten Inch Template.

Da Red Finga gets some nice Nob Bikers over at Waaagh! Aki.

My Little World of Dementia has recently finished up a...Ratling platoon?


PS - oh, I forgot another fun place I found recently - if you're a fan of Bronze-Age Marvel comics you might find a lot of stuff at Jim Shooter's blog (former Editor in Chief) interesting, like the Origin of the GI JOE comics.


  1. Thanks for the mention sir !
    I think this was needed. Im tired of hearing about the crons

  2. Thanks for the shout out. I have been eyeing Evil Bay to possibly pick up another squad or two of Ratlings. They actually performed well in my last Apocalypse game keeping a dark eldar jetbike squad either pinned or falling back(with the help of another players Psyker battle squad).


  3. Glad to do shout outs for you two and the others.

    @ColKillgore - MORE? Egad.


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