Thursday, December 22, 2011

Captain Raptor!

Here's one of the books my son picked out at the library today.

I'm so proud.

In the fine tradition of super awesome mashups that make you wonder why they haven't been done as well before (see: Transformers, Dinosaur Train, etc.) and send kids into glorious rapture comes this combination of dinosaurs, spaceships, and pirates.

Told in a pulse-pounding melodramatic style it's sure to be endearing to pulp fans, and it's so chock full of awesomeness that a lot of it's pretty incidental, like the cyborg pirate dinosaurs with laser swords.

 Let me say that again, in caps: CYBORG PIRATE DINOSAURS WITH LASER SWORDS!



  1. You should look up the comic - Axe Cop. Its a 3 part comic written by a 6 yr old and illustrated by his 30 yr old bother. Very funny stuff

  2. @ Chris - Amen.

    @ Tordeck - Wow. A lot more than three parts now!

  3. Only one word could i think of to describe what i just read. YES

  4. My boy is only 19 months now and I keep seeing all this cool stuff that I want to get him (more for me than him) but he just isn't old enough to appreciate it yet. Like this redawning of the superheroes going on right now -- by the time he's old enough to appreciate and play with all the new toys it'll be over and they'll be gone! *tear drop*

  5. I know! But there will me more cool stuff when he's older, don't worry. And pick up some of the current cool stuff for yourself when it goes on sale in the meantime!


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