Sunday, December 25, 2011

First Bite! Space Sharks Ironclad WIP

Hope that everyone had a good Christmas.  During some down time last night and today I managed to glue this fella together, a pretty straightforward Ironclad Dreadnought for my Space Sharks.

DCCW/heavy flamer, chainfist/meltagun is the configuration I plan on using, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the kit lets you also make the hurricane bolter and seismic hammer arms so that you can swap them all out with ease.  I loved how easy the original plastic dread was when it first came out and liked how they did the alternate arms then, and I'm happy to see that they continued that trend with the Ironclad.  A very nice and easy kit to assemble.  Kudos to the designers of both dreads!

For some reason the dread base came in black plastic.  No problem, just a little weird since I'm used to seeing those in grey.  I guess maybe they're doing all bases in black regardless.

I fiddled around with various spikes and blades, but didn't really like the look, so kept him pretty much stock.  The exceptions being the Ogre Kingdoms maw gutplate added to the front of the sarcophagus and a hook on the back for use as an engineer in case he needs to help pull a rhino out of the mud or something.

Hopefully more Sharks to come soon!


  1. Nice one mate.

    The new Dread kits are great for the extra bitz they come with - you want to see what you get with the Ven Dread kit - every weapon combo imaginable, plus different shoulder guards, sarcophagus fronts, armour plates etc.

    I reall y like the look of the hurricane bolter. Love it on Dreads and more so on Crusaders.

    I had to really think back to the last time I saw a grey base - they've been black for a good long while now.

  2. @Rogue Pom - Most of the vehicle kits have been pretty good in that regard.

    I guess the base color goes to show how long it's been since I bought one! The last dread kits I bought were right when the plastic ones came out.

    @M3M - Thought about it, fiddled with some DE bike bladevanes but decided against it.

  3. How about a bayonet on his chainfist?

  4. @Chris - Yeah, I thought about making it a chain-chain fist and then adding some bayonets on the sides and having him shoot knives out from the vision slit but I cut myself looking at it so had to take it apart.

  5. For some reason i just can't stop smiling at this thing. lol

  6. @Impcommander - What's not to like about a man-sized chainsaw?


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