Monday, December 5, 2011

High Point Games Day 2011!

This time with heat!

This Saturday, December 10th the local gamers will converge on High Point for our semi-regular Games Day.  If you are in the area or can manage to be in the area, come on out!  I hope to be there more at least a good chunk of the day.

Here's some shots and info from last year's event.  Typically there are a bunch of folks playing 40K and fantasy, a good bit of wheeling and dealing/model yard sales, and a number of folks playing other games like Aeronautica, BFG, Mordheim and others.  This year will be in the same spot, but in a different part of the building, actually in the office areas with good lighting, heat, and non-scary bathrooms instead of the warehouse.  Woot!

Typically we end up with around 50 folks total, so you should be able to find someone to play with.  The doors will be open from 9am to 9pm, twelve hours of gaming goodness, and all it will cost you is a smile and two canned food items that we will collect and donate.  Come on out!  Hope to see you there!

600 N Scientific St, High Point, NC

Some more pics from past events: HERE

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