Friday, December 23, 2011

Big Plans - 2012...2013...

Like the late Mr. Carr, aka "the Fox" to the left, I have a lot of unfinished business to attend to with my model collections.  New armies, adding to existing ones, misc. projects.

We'll see how much of this mess I get through in 2012.  Hopefully referring back to this list will help me to avoid purchasing too much new stuff.  Unless the new Chaos kits look good.  On to the list!

First of all, Space Sharks!  They've been started, and hopefully I will get some bursts of time in on them soon and complete this army in the next few months.

After that, in no special order:

  • Two armored sentinels for the Merkans.
  • Manticore for either Merkans or Scythiak.  Maybe I'll even be ambitious and magnetize some iconography panels so it can either be Imperial or recently captured.
  • 2-3 Chimeras for Merkans.
  • Multiple counts-as Chimeras for the Scythiak.
  • Blob platoon for Scythiak using spare Steel Legion figures.
  • Finish painting second rough rider squad for Scythiak.
  • Killer Kans and Dreadnought for Orks.
  • Burnas, Tankbustas, Lootas for Orks, plus potentially extra looted/battle wagons.
  • Eldar Corsairs
  • New and refurbished Chaos Marines for the Endless Ones and associated forces like Sons of Taurus, Tears of Sanguinius, Abbysal Reavers and Heralds of Oblivion.  Probably at least enough to fill out a full FOC.
  • Cheap terminator Deathwing.
  • Zulus for Mogambian army in RPG campaign.
  • Misc Reaper, etc. RPG figs.
  • Ork barricades.
  • Redo city table.
  • Other terrain.
  • Fantasy Warriors of Chaos.
OK, here we go!


  1. Holy cow man, that a lot of stuff. Best of luck though, eh.

    I'm going to try and just work on the army of evil snowmen in the coming year, I think. Plus maybe angry marines when I have that kind of day at work.

  2. "Cheap terminator Deathwing." !!??

  3. You hooked me with the Eric Carr photo, being an old Kiss fan.

    Yea that is a lot of stuff. Look forward to seeing it. I also plan to do a year ending/year coming like post.

  4. @CounterFett, PsychosisPC - Yep. And (un)fortunately, I already have 90%+ of it.

    @Seneca - "Cheap" referring to $ - picking up cheap termies esp. AoBR ones through trades, ebay and the like. I've wanted to do one for a long time, will be a quickly painted lark army.

    I need to get that airbrush cooperating!

  5. For cheap Termies, Ebay is the place I go. AoBR termies are cheap bodies. Space Wolf Thunder Hammers and shields are pretty cheap too since wolf players don't use them. I just got creative with press molding to cover the shields and the hammers aren't super wolfy for the most part.

    I would love to see what you come up with!

  6. @OST - Yep, I think ebay and patience will be my main source. I have one squad of "real" termies and two aobr sets so far. My plan is actually to mostly go with sb/pf guys instead of assault ones, but if I get a good trade may throw some assault ones in. It may not be "the cool thing net army", but hey I play with Ogryn and rough riders. ;-)

  7. I have a AoBR termi unit if you'd be interested. and another squad of "real" termi's w/ assault cannon if you'd be interested in those too. just shoot me an email if you want em'. As for everything else, can't wait to see it !

  8. Yeah, I would be...that would put me at 5 squads, and with a couple of characters (sure I can wrassle those up out of the bits boxes) should make for a 1500pt army or so.

    Email coming soon!


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