Monday, November 28, 2011

Lost and the Damned - Col. Ivan Mtumbe

Fourth in the series of special characters for the Lost and the Damned fandex, this time a Traitor Officer in the service of Tzeentch.

As with all of these characters, I welcome your feedback, especially with regard to pricing.

Col. Ivan Mtumbe (160pts)
  4   4  3 3  3 3 3  10  5+

Traitor Officer, The Enemy Within
Mark of Tzeentch

Bolt Pistol, Force Weapon, Frag grenades, Refractor Field

Command Squad - Col. Mtumbe's command squad is purchased as normal, with the following restrictions.  Col. Mtumbe's own equipment is set and may not be altered except by options affecting the entire squad.  The squad must purchase an Icon of Tzeentch.

Psyker - Mtumbe has the Seeds of Doubt and Warp Flame psychic powers and may use both in the same turn.

Telepathic Orders - Issues orders as IG company commander, with three orders per turn and an order range of 18".  Units that fail the check to follow one of Mtumbe's orders may reroll the check.

Strands of Fate - After both sides have deployed but before Infiltrators or Scout moves, you may redeploy 1d3 friendly units, but these must remain in your deployment zone.

There are no coincidences - Col. Mtumbe inherently has the effects of both an Astropath and Master of the Fleet (Codex: Imperial Guard p.31).  You may still purchase these advisors for his command squad if desired, but his abilities and theirs do not stack.


  1. i think that to justify the high price, he needs something such as an additional 4+ save against instant death, if he passes, he takes one wound, if he fails, he dies outright. very suitable for Tzeentch, and makes it less easy for a lucky multilaser shot to total him.

  2. Hmm, I dunno, he's got plenty of special rules already, though that does sound fun. Keep in mind that he's buried in the command squad, and especially with bodyguards he should already be hard to take down.

    But I could see dropping his cost a bit.


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