Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cheapo Deathwing

After a recent trade with ImpCommander, I now have the bodies for a 1500pt Deathwing army, pretty cheaply all told.

The army plan I have is for mostly shooty terminators.  I know it's not the flavor of the month with the 3++ shields, but I like the shooty ones, and it's not like I'm trying to take this to the top of NOVA or something; it's just a lark army.  With Belial, five squads of termies and a dread it's also pretty compact.

And it was cheap.  If it hadn't been, it wouldn't have happened.

One squad + dread - Black Reach box, would have bought anyways.
Extra terminator - free with White Dwarf back when I still had a subscription.
One AoBR squad from ebay - $10
One squad (plus various other things) for trading some Bretonnian Men at Arms sprues.
Two squads (one kit squad, one AoBR) for trading some old Warzone Bauhaus squads and $10.
Parts, like old metal cyclones - leftovers from previous ebay lots.

So 1500pts for $20, some old figures it would take me many years to get back around to and parts of things I had already bought and had gotten value out of.  Special thanks to ImpCommander for trading for three of the squads.  The men at arms and the bauhaus guys will be able to be seen running with the traitorous Pilgrims of Rust    in the future.  Thanks also to his dad for swinging the van back by to make the last trade happen!

For those interested, the planned list is:
(130) Belial - probably with TH/SS, using some old bits, or maybe twin claws with spare bits.
(280) Terminator squad-command squad - apothecary, assault cannon, chainfist
(235) Terminator squad - cyclone

(235) Terminator squad - cyclone
(240) Terminator squad - cyclone, chainfist
(250) Terminator squad - assault cannon, chainfist
(130) Dread, Multimelta, heavy flamer

Now the decision comes as to how to paint them!  Regular Deathwing, or go ahead and make them fit in with one of the other armies, like the Silver Skulls or Space Sharks?  I'll probably end up with Deathwing, but we'll see.  The painted ones are soaking in the Simple Green now.  After scrubbing and a little conversion the army might be ready to paint soon, and I'll probably sideline the Space Sharks for a week or two to knock these guys out.


  1. go reg deathwing, so when you tire of them they can be mine!! muhahahah

  2. Right, because you need a *second* DW army...

  3. I'd say take em and do them up as Space Sharks/Carcharadons. You could even pick up Tyberos the Red Wake from FW and use him as Belial! Should be cool, I've been tempted by Deathwing many times!

  4. I'm with Granesh on this, Space Sharks would get my vote. The interchangeability with your other army seems like it would let you get the most out of your terminator squads.

  5. Your quite welcome sir ! look forward to seeing the army

  6. Paint them as Space Sharks. Like Granesh said above you'll get more use out of them and you Space Sharks army. For example if you want to use those Iron Clads and a bunch of terminators, all you need is a Master of the Forge and you got an entirely different playing list with a few simple changes. Best of all, it would look like a cohesive force instead of a proxy or counts as force!

  7. OK, you guys may have convinced me. I guess it's Lightning Claws for "Belial" after all then (or magnets if I feel ambitious).

    So, after I finish stripping these guys I'll need to file off these chest eagles.

  8. Space Sharks.

    If you use Tyberos (I did) as your Belial, then go all out with chainsaws. Heck, I used Ogre gutplates as some of my TH/SS. Then, use big choppas as Thunder hammers by cutting off a power sword arm and glue the gut plate to a chopped off storm bolter arm.
    Claw Belial is awesome b/c if you run the banner than you get 6 attacks on the charge! You don't want to put any wounds on him that would ID him since he lacks Eternal Warrior, anyway.

  9. Beware the coming of the Deathfin!

  10. Just for you. Shark-bro http://warteacher.blogspot.com/2011/12/space-shark-terminators-knockknockland.html

  11. Space Shark Terminators need... Storm Bolter Chainsaw-bayonets! BUZZ BUZZ KILL!

  12. @Gigawatts - Twisted minds think alike!

    @Chris - Oh, no worries in that department.


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