Thursday, December 29, 2011

Deathfin Assault! Deathwing/Space Sharks WIP

After a LOT of soaking and scrubbing I got most of the paint off of the second-hand termies.  Apparently a few layers down some of them had started out life as Ultramarines.  Who knew?  Some assembly and conversion later and here's where we stand at the moment.  I still have to add the storm bolter bayonets, but then they should be ready to start the painting process.

The cyclones, using old metal cyclone parts from the bits boxes.  Apparently a few old plastic termies snuck into the lot (left and right sides) so I used the cyclones to help bulk them up a bit so they wouldn't look too out of place. 

Minor conversions.  A couple of chain fists made from chopping up a couple of chain swords and gluing them to the bottom of the fists.  Stormbolter chopped off of the AoBR dread and a spare heavy flamer from the Ironclad dread kit inserted in its place.

Belial on the right, using old metal lightning claw arms.

Apothecary on the left.  Servo arm and vials from partial Talos sprues I picked up for funky bits.  Chain-scalpel from one of the FW bolter kits, surgical servo-skull assistant.


  1. Good luck with these, love Grey and Black marines (almost Relictors!) will look forward to seeing progress with these.

  2. Thanks for watching, hope you like the end result!

  3. I am digging the Apothecary. The servro arm was a creative/plausible (if 40k can be plausible) conversion. I just plainly slapped Fabius Bile's syringe bit on the underside of my Apoth's powerfist.

  4. So many of these had service in my Chaos Deathwing. *sniff. The memories. Ah well, i look forward to battling them on the tables !

    (really sweet conversions btw)

  5. Glad folks like the Apoth! Certainly my own favorite. He came with a good pose so had to be someone special.


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