Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Purging of Kadillus - Review Part 2

Finished the book this morning, overall pleased with it.  Part 2 will be pretty short.  Most of the themes carry over from Part 1, so no need to go there again.  SPOILERS AHEAD! 

Some highlights:

  • I thought we might see Land Raiders, but no such luck.  There was a marine Dreadnought though (and plenty of Ork walkers), some more land speeder action, as well as rhinos and razorbacks and predators oh my!
  • Nice bit with a human trooper getting some redemption, which also kind of contrasts nicely with the Dark Angels never being allowed it.
  • As expected, the later parts focus on Belial a lot, but we never get to see him clash directly with Ghazzie.  Allegedly they did early in the battle, but off-camera, and we don't get a return engagement.  Ghazzie of course gets away, setting the stage for his return to Armageddon.  
  • Some more old-school cool appears, like a displacement field.  
Overall a good read, definitely worthwhile.  Check it out!

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