Saturday, November 5, 2011

Space Sharks - We'll Bomb Your World and Melt You Too

Knocked out a couple more tacticals, the heavy and special weapons troopers. 

Meltagunner is in pretty traditional Mk6 armor, with a pad w/raised rim to protect against heat wash and melta-spatters in place of the regular studded pad, and an extra plate&blade on the other pad for close-quarters chopping. 

Multimelta trooper is in fairly standard Mk7, with exception of  the helmet, which comes from the CSM sprues for the Nurgle champion.  Horn removed and antennae added.  I always liked this head, and thought it looked like it had extra sensors, good for heavy weapons guys.  The way the multimelta is set up with all its cables and such limits alternative positioning or even getting a lot of other stuff on the model, so he's pretty plain other than the head swap.

He does spice up a bit in the back, with a spring trap on the back to discourage flankers.  More effective at saying DON'T TOUCH than hazard stripes in my opinion.  Some bladefins on the back of the beaky too.

Here's the first half of the first tactical squad together.  Five more bolter guys to go!


  1. <3 that blade on the Meltagunner's arm. Long live the Space Sharks!

  2. Glad you like it pup! The Ork nob kit has provided me so many useful bits for different projects...I may even someday get around to making some nobs with it!

  3. The little extras and conversions (fins, trap, head swap, etc.) really make the models "pop" -- nice work!

  4. I'll have to remember that little head swap you did. Good show.

  5. Thanks folks. @Tordeck - one of the lovely steam knight heads from Maxmini.


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