Friday, November 25, 2011

Lost and the Damned - Keltinax, Headsman of Khorne

First in a series for the special characters for the Lost and the Damned fandex, today we look at Keltinax, Headsman of Khorne.  Keltinax is the special character version of the Mutant Warlord HQ choice, and is built as a close combat monster, literally.  He's essentially a cyber-shaggoth, a centauroid mutant whose lower half is akin to a Juggernaut, boosted by Khorne's gifts and blessings.

As with all of the ones in the coming days, I welcome your thoughts especially with regard to appropriate pricing.

Keltinax, Headsman of Khorne (230pts)
  7   3  6 6 5  3 5  9   3+

Mutant Warlord, Legions of the Eye, Monstrous Creature
Mark of Khorne (included), Fearless, Fleet, Furious Charge

Chosen of Khorne - 5+ Invulnerable Save

Aura of Rage - Friendly units in the same combat as Keltinax have the Furious Charge and Fearless USRs.

Headsman - Any to hit roll of 6 Keltinax makes in assault automatically wounds and causes Instant Death regardless of Toughness. 

Dread Axe - Successful invulnerable saves against Keltinax's close combat attacks must be rerolled.

Collar of Khorne - Keltinax is immune to psychic powers and the Instant Death effect of Force Weapons.

Unstoppable - Keltinax may declare a charge through enemy units to reach one beyond.  If the nominated target is within assault range, push intervening enemy models out of the way sufficiently to allow Keltinax to contact his target.  Units with models moved in this manner may choose to engage Keltinax as he passes through - consider them as part of the same assault, have them make defenders react moves, etc.  Vehicles and Monstrous Creatures may not be pushed aside - if this is required for Keltinax to make contact with his nominated target, the assault fails.  Due to the freight-train nature of his charges, Keltinax also counts as being armed with Frag grenades.

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