Saturday, November 5, 2011

Space Sharks - More Tactical Marines

I managed to squeeze a little bit of modeling time in, and cranked out assembling two more tactical marines for the Space Sharks.  A massive accomplishment, I know.

They continue the rough-and-tumble theme, with pieces likely scavenged from all over, with extra pointy bits added.

These guys with the box ammo on their bolters will probably end up as the drop pod squad.  I'm thinking that the Rhino squad may feature CSM dangling ammo belt bolters.

Still a good bit of smoothing to do, leveling out some chaos insignia and mold lines.

Not much progress, but more than I've had in a while!


  1. Those helmets are so great. These are going to be great.

  2. good stuff man. Like the bayonets.

  3. I really like the mix of pieces you used, very pointy and fierce looking!

  4. Lovely stuff! Quite old school in a way.

  5. Thanks folks!

    @Fabian - that's part of the idea, going back to the older brutal aesthetic over the walking cathedrals.

  6. is the head on the fist guy, the "steam knight" head from maximini ? Anyway, they look really cool, glad you got time to stop by the shop today and say hi, and also time to model some stuff. i like the pointy ness of these.

  7. Yes, that is indeed a steam knight head. I have some of that version and some of the double-respirator version. A few more may see use here, the rest will wind up on Chaos Marines at some point.

    The bolters are forgeworld, the chainblade is from the RTB01 kit, the bayonet is a 3rd ed Dark Eldar knife. Bladefins are also from old Dark Eldar.

  8. Replies
    1. Forgeworld Umbra Ferrox bolters:


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