Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lost and the Damned - Tianmut, Devotee of Slaanesh

Third in the series of Lost and the Damned fandex special characters, this time a depraved cult leader of Slaanesh.

As with all of these, I welcome your feedback, especially with regards to pricing.

Tianmut, Devotee of Slaanesh (120pts)
3     3  3  3 3 4 2  10  5+

Cult Leader, Legions of the Eye, Independent Character
Fearless, Mark of Slaanesh

Laspistol, Force Weapon, Frag and Krak grenades, refractor field, Personal Icon

Orders - per Cult Leader
Consecration - per Cult Leader

Psyker - Tianmut is able to use the The Gods Aid the Faithful and These aren't the cultists you're looking for psychic powers.

These aren't the cultists you're looking for - Use during the enemy's shooting phase.  Nominate an enemy non-vehicle unit within 18" that has not yet fired or run this turn that has ranged attacks.  Immediately fire that unit at another enemy unit in range, with whatever available weapons you choose.  This takes up the unit's normal shooting phase, and it may not then assault that turn.


  1. "These aren't the cultists you're looking for" is very high power -- especially compared to (e.g.) the Changeling. Can I suggest having to fail a Ld test (perhaps at -2?) to take control of the shooting?

    Although costing slightly more the "The Masque", I think the price could do with being a touch higher (130, 135 perhaps?) including the above modification. Just my 2cents! :)

  2. Well, the power is responsible for much of his/her cost.

    Some good points, thanks for bringing up the comparison to the Changeling - I'm not too well versed in the Daemons book yet, didn't really realize that was out there. Looking at it, I may lift a lot from that, or since it's been established as a "Tzeentchian" ability come up with something else for the Slaaneshi character, maybe lifting Pavane, maybe something else.

  3. request premission for rusts addition lol. but cool!


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