Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tears of Sanguinius - Renegade Blood Angels

Among the numerous renegades that have gravitated into the orbit of the Endless Ones are a number of traitorous marines from the Blood Angels chapter and their successors.

Collectively known as the Tears of Sanguinius, they retain much of their Blood Angel associated iconography though they are now in the sway of She Who Thirsts, Slaanesh.

Rather than being driven mad by the Black Rage, the Tears view it as a blessing, being driven to heights of rapture through experiencing their primarch's agonies.  Unlike most other renegades who turn their backs on their origins, the Tears still revere their primarch for the gifts he bestowed to them in death.

The Tears of Sanguinius also have a secret goal in their service to Chaos.  They seek to gain control over the Talon of Horus, the weapon that felled their primarch and triggered the resulting ecstatic torments they enjoy due to their link with him.  The Tears believe that with the proper rituals, the Talon can be used not only to enhance their own bliss, but to bring more of the sons of Sanguinius into the arms of Slaanesh.  However currently the Tears are divided on how best to obtain the Talon - some wish to gain enough power to attack the Black Legion directly, while others believe the better path is to join with Abaddon's forces until they have the opportunity to betray him from within. 


  1. cool. But who are the Endless ones ? is it on the Lexicanum or is it of your own creation?

  2. The Endless Ones are going to be my new umbrella for CSM to justify all sorts of different groups together, allowing me to satisfy my urges for different things without having to feel compelled to make a whole army for each.

    The first part of the Endless Ones background can be found here:

  3. I like it. Nothing like a good bit of background to liven up an army build.


  4. And at least partly as an excuse to use the new BA kits.

    Down the road I'd like to have renegade representatives from most of the big name chapters or successors - BA, SW, BT, DA, UM.

  5. I did something similar with my original CSM BL army. Each squad had the uniform the army but their shoulder pad retained the color of their original legion.

    Why Slaanesh and not the more obvious (and superbly more awesome chaos god) Khorne?

  6. My Sons of Horus went a similar route, all definitely linked, but with god-specific differences. I had planned on incorporating various renegades in with them as well, but only got so far as my traitor SW Chaos Lt. to tweak my SW buddy. With the Endless Ones I want to make some of the component groups even more distinct.

    There will be Khornate elements within the Endless Ones. I went with Slaanesh for these partly due to it being somewhat less obvious, partly due to liking the connection with the BA's torments, and partly due to thinking that bits like the Sanguinary Guard would fit in better with Slaanesh than other powers.


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