Sunday, December 19, 2010

Scythiak Usurpation - WIP Ogryn and Techno-barbarian platoon pics

Semester's over, last project done, grades are back and they are good!  Hurrah.

This weekend also sees my in-laws in town, for our pre-Christmas celebration with them before we have our separate ones next week.  Nice seeing the nephew and niece and getting the cousins together for playing and general mischief.  As part of our gift exchange, got a lightbox (woot) that I'm starting to play with (results below!), as well as the DVD set for Tales of the Gold Monkey, a fun show that I loved as a kid when it was on, and probably helped spark my loves for pulp adventure and flying boats. 

Late over the last few nights I managed to get more painting done on the Ogryn and hit them with washes.

So far Kantor Fett (first from the right in first pic) is the only one of these "gentlemen" claimed so far; the rest are still up for grabs!  As a reminder I'm soliciting names for the various Scythiak from my beloved readers, so if there's someone who catches your fancy, let me know.  The initial post along with most of the figs (before painting) is HERE and there's a couple of updates with the few that have been taken so far HERE 2  and HERE 3.

Group Ogryn shot including the squad leader, Killgore:

Thirty wounds of pain!

I also got my wife to remind me of how to set the camera for more depth shots, and with the aid of the mini tripod took a shot of the techno-barbarians so far all together (including the spawn riders and Khonan):

Next up are probably the Rough Riders, while I'm still in techno-barbarian mode.  Then the cultists, psykers, and company command/Astrakenor.  I still need to build some vehicles, but it will be a while before it's warm enough to prime them anyways.  Maybe next week during the Gold Monkey Marathon I can get a bunch of painting in!

Not sure if I'll get any more posts in this week or not.  Probably will, but just in case - Merry Christmas and best wishes for everyone.


  1. This army is really coming along and looking great!

  2. These guys look excellent! My IG army looks so boring in comparison now :(

  3. @Gyro - thanks! I'll get to the Tramplemaster soon!

    @The Antipope - thanks! Uniform armies have their own advantages, believe me! I sometimes worry how the army as a whole will look once I finish painting it, given that different units (techno-barbarians, cultists, others) will all look fairly different. Sometimes hodge-podge armies can work, other times it looks off. Fingers crossed!

  4. I love how the light box helps these guys look so fantastic.

  5. I remember that TV show! Sorta...actually I just remember watching a show on weekends at Dad's house that involved a seaplane, and the name the Golden Monkey.

    Like the results with the light box! i have one of those on my Christmas list to the family too, keeping my fingers crossed.

  6. I really like the variety of skin tones you've used for your Ogryn, they look great as part of the Scythiak Usurpation. Your new light box shows them off so well, too. (I'm hoping to find one under the tree as well... crossing my fingers like Da Masta Cheef). Thanks for the group shot of the techno-barbarians, Papa JJ looks so proud to be up front. Hmm, on second thought maybe he needs to find some cover.

  7. And congratulations on finishing the semester, too.. well done!

  8. @Loquacious - It just helps you *see* how fantastic they are. ;-) Having it certainly is tempting me to take new pics of pretty much everything I have. Maybe some other army profiles are on the way.

    @DMC - It's a fun show, part of early 80's campy adventure TV like Wizards and Warriors. It's the sort of show that if it had been made 15 years later probably would have starred Bruce Campbell. I'll leave it up to the individual as to whether or not that's a good thing.

    @Papa JJ - Thanks. I wanted to do a variety of tones for the Scythiak; you can see some variation among the regular humans too, and did some for the Merkans as well.

    Hope you folks get the light boxes too!

  9. I do like how you are kitbashing these with all of the fantasy bits. Great looking paint also. Well done.

  10. @PsychosisPC - thanks. The fantasy chaos range is one of the best parts of the 40K chaos range. ;-)


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