Thursday, December 30, 2010

Useful Links

 Just a quick collection of the most common links I tend to refer to/link to when commenting elsewhere.  If you don't know about these already, they can be pretty handy.

Bolter and Chainsword Downloads - A number of good resources.  Especially cool IMO is the extensive collection of decals that you can download and print out (with decal paper).

Lexicanum - Good basic info on all sorts of 40K background info.  One of the especially handy parts is their List of Space Marine Chapters

Stuff of Legends - Marvelous resource for old miniatures.  Sadly there are quite a number of holes, but there's a lot of cool old stuff there, and of special interest to GW-inclined readers would be the old Citadel catalogs from the early years and Rogue Trader era.

Anyone have other links they frequently refer people to?

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