Sunday, December 12, 2010

Scythiak Usurpation - WIP Techno-barbarian platoon near completion

My time lately hasn't had much in the way of hobby time, but after I get motivated to finish up my last project for the semester I should be able to plunge back in.  I have managed to get a little more work done on the Scythiak for the techno-barbarian infantry platoon - some basic painting and some washes.

I originally planned to use the wood stain on these guys, but I'm liking how they look with just the washes so may stick with that.  I hit them with Devlan Mud all over, and it looked pretty good, but made the skin look a little too grimy and too extremely shaded in the recesses, and a little too dark for the reds.  So I went back over the skin with Ogryn Flesh wash, and hit the big red areas like the horns and shields with Baal Red, which seems to have lightened things up a tad and made shading transitions a little smoother.  With a little time away from them, when I get back I'll decide if I like them enough as-is or if I want to do a little drybrushing then another round of wash or not. 

I like being able to crop pics to show closer looks, but man things just don't look as good up close!  From a normal distance they do look a bit better.  Still, I'm pretty pleased with how they're shaping up.  Next I'll finish up the other techno-barbarian heavy weapons teams and then will probably return to the Ogryn.

I like these guys.  It's a shame that Heavy Bolters aren't that great, esp. BS3 ones.  Still, they'll probably find their way into more of my lists just from looks.  I'm thinking of calling these guys "Kill", "Maim", and "Burn" (from left to right).

Khorne Dog, Notbrent, Warchief Papa JJ, Khonan (aka Marbo).

Various troopers, currently unnamed:


  1. liking these a lot. some of them are very similar to my own feral guardsmen!! did you just do them on a whim or are they part of a larger project?

  2. Oh, it's a larger project. Working towards roughly 2000pts, but there will be extras too as I keep finding units I want to make down the road. You can use the "Scythiak Usurpation" label for older posts, or go back in the archives to May 10 2009 and work up from there if you want to see them progress and some of the other models.

  3. Kill Maim and Mutilate! Save burn for the flamers! Thanks for your feedback on my mukaali ideas, like your spawns!


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