Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Scythiak Usurpation - WIP Techno-barbarian platoon

I've been getting some progress in on the Scythiak, working on the techno-barbarian platoon.  They're still a good ways from being finished but I thought I'd share some pics of where they stand now.

Here's "PapaJJ" and his platoon command squad.

One squad:

Oops, forgot that one guy's boots.

Second squad:

And our MEq (Marbo Equivalent), Khonan:

I've also done a little work on the lascannon and mortar teams, but they're not quite as far along and I forgot to take pics of them anyways.  Hopefully I'll get them all to a good stage by the next time I update progress on this lot!


  1. Woohoo! Behold the glory that is the Khorne Dog!!!!

  2. You had my attention at the post name! Awesome...Is that a Goliath Necromunda dude with the grenade launcher? Great use for him!
    My love for the Usurpation is growing with every update!

  3. @DMC - indeed! He's got his spiked power maul ready for action. And Notbrent to watch his back too!

    @Venerable - glad you're liking them! That is indeed a Necromunda Goliath. There's also another one with the platoon command squad (first two pics). A number of Eschers are in the cultist platoon as well.

  4. Outstanding mate, you're going to have an excellent force when this is finished. Are you going to do any vehicles?

  5. Awesome! It's great to see these guys are progressing so nicely, though I honestly did not expect "Papa JJ" to be the most handsome of the bunch. : ) The platoon looks great, it's fun watching this army come together.

  6. @Col. Corbane - yep, I have a Russ equivalent built but unpainted (naturally), and plan some Chimera and Hydra equivalents. I also have a Manticore on the way, but I haven't decided for sure whether that will end up with the Scythiak or the Merkans. I have an unbuilt Basilisk (thanks Mags!) that will end up with whichever one doesn't get the Manticore, though it may not stay as a Basilisk (maybe turn into medusa or colossus).

    @Papa JJ - I rather like the metal IG officers. The Catachans and Cadians both have good ones, as do the Steel Legion. Not too familiar with the others. With all the emphasis on plastic, plastic (and I do love a good plastic kit, don't get me wrong) there are some gems in the metal range as well.

  7. Mr. Barr these looks fantastic. The vibrant was a good color choice.

    Did you use a wash on these?

  8. @Loquacious - thanks!

    @Shaun - thanks! Yes, the figures were primed white and then washed with GW's Ogryn Flesh (which IMO is close to their old Chestnut Ink) for some initial shading and to help bring out the detail for ease of painting. I originally planned to paint the fatigues another color, but after looking at it I liked them pretty much as they were after the wash. After painting I'll hit them with more washes and/or the wood stain.

    The power weapons and Khonan's runesword also had a few rounds of washes and drybrushing. The "pineapple" type grenades were also washed with a watered down metallic paint.


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