Thursday, December 2, 2010

Scythiak Usurpation - WIP Techno-barbarian heavy weapons, Yarrick, Eldar

As I mentioned in the last post, I forgot to take pictures of the heavy weapons teams I had also been working on a bit for the Scythiak.  I have corrected that oversight; here they are:



Heavy Bolters

The Heavy Bolter guys are based off of Ox from the Last Chancers.  I'm planning on just having them alone on the 60mm base with some accessories, as 2W 2A bad mammajammas.  Also planning to have them detachable so I can take one to use as a Sgt. Harker stand in if needed.

A while back I got partway through a Commissar Yarrick figure, painted to match my Merkans but haven't finished him yet.  I also recently got another one that I plan to eventually traitorize.

I also picked up some Eldar figures the other day that have a long history.

Way back at the dawn of the millennium, when I was first getting back into 40K I got a huge Eldar deal.  While I was building Space Marines and Chaos Marines, my friend Pat was interested in Eldar, so I sold him most of the lot, and he used it for a while before dropping out of the game.  The mass of Eldar then eventually made its way to Nathan, then some of it made its way to John, and now these guys made their way back to me.  Some is also ending up with Ed, to reinforce the Ed-dar.  Ten years later some small part of that huge lot has found its way back to me.

The reason I got them is that I have some ideas of doing an Eldar Corsair force, combining Craftworld and Dark Eldar figures down the road.  I'll often do this, picking up a little bit here and there over a long time while I'm building and painting another army.  I'll be painting one, getting stuff for another, fiddling with lists for others to decide what to get for a third.  Once I get done painting one, every army moves up a slot in the pipeline.  It'll probably be quite a while before these guys see paint, so don't hold your breath for them.


  1. Those Scyth will get a dip, right?

  2. Yep. Some more paint and drybrushing, maybe some targeted washes first, then brush on dip.

  3. Those are some well traveled Eldar, funny you ended up with them again. The corsair-themed force sounds cool, how large of a project do you have in mind for that? Nice looking heavy weapon team, too.

  4. In that batch of eldar swords, do you have a left and a right handed one? A pair that can double as a banshee mirror sword exarch?

  5. @Papa JJ - Not sure. At least a Kill Team/Killzone team, potentially a 1500/1850pt army down the road if I keep enthusiasm for them and the painting doesn't annoy me too much.

    @Eddie - Sorry, looks like they're all left-handed. I think you're generally better off with the Executioner anyways.

  6. I have an executioner weapon, however it be broken. I wish I knew someone with the know how to help me fix it and reattach it :)


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