Sunday, December 12, 2010

Imperial Armour 10 Badab War and Space Sharks rumor info

First of all, off topic kudos to Todd for his recent win in a Toys for Tots 40K tournament, and kudos to the event for collecting for the cause.  Todd is the relatively local Tyranid player I played at our recent Games Day, and you can hear about the Toys for Tots event over at Deleted from Imperial Records.

But on to the meat of the post, the blood in the water.  White_Lancer was kind enough to drop some plausible-sounding rumors in the comments of my last Space Shark related post, and I thought I'd put them up here for those who don't subscribe to the comments (lesson is - you should! ;-)  ).  Some interesting stuff regarding IA10 and our favorite marine marines.  I haven't heard these elsewhere, take with the normal grain of salt, but they sound pretty reasonable to me.

White_Lancer said...
Managed to get a sneaky peek at IA10 today. Carcharadons are going to be very popular soon. The mystery terminator in IA9? Well he's the Carchardons Chapter master armed with lightning claws and a chainfist which he can split his attacks between. Originally a conversion piece he looks to be released at the end of january, the forgeworld boys have been looking at the blogposts on the internet and have been amused that just because the picture is green tinted everyone is jumping at him being a mantis warrior or one of the sons of medusa. there are no plans to release Mk1 Termie armour with IA10 but its on the to do list. Chapter tactics wise he allows you to replace combat tactics with Furious charge however afterwards if the unit destroys another in close combat it becomes subject to rage. Fluffwise the carchardons are a crusade type fleet however they are constantly crusading and essentially "living off the land" not coming back in for resupply and are essentially the Imperial boogeyman. Fluff also suggests that the Raven Guard are their progenitors and that the founders were the monsters created by Corax in an effort to rebuild the Ravens after Istvaan V

sonsoftaurus said...@White_Lancer - Thanks for the info. Hmm. The rules sound OK, but I don't think I'd want to take a termie HQ to get them. At first blush not really a fan of the background, with Raven Guard/monster forebears, but after reading the whole bit may change my mind. Do you know any update on when IA10 will be up for order/release?

White_Lancer said...
Should be up for preorder soon and shipping on 10th January with an A1 poster of the navigators warp routes of the badab sector and the reverse with all of the chapters in the engagement

White_Lancer said...
And umm if you don't like the fact you have to take a termie captain then you really won't like that he allows Bolters to be replaced with close combat weapons!

sonsoftaurus said...
Thanks for the date info. The poster with all the chapters sounds ace. FC and CC weapons sounds great. May be worth taking sometimes just for that, but I still doubt I'll end up doing it. If I want FC and assault marine troops I'll just go the Blood Angel route. Glad to see a Shark character model, and fingers still crossed for a FW Shark upgrade pack. Thanks again for coming to share these tasty tidbits!


So what do you folks think?  Plausible?  If true do these rumors make it more or less likely for you to pick up Space Sharks/Carcharodons?


  1. the carchardons fluffwise sound similar to the Marines Malevolent's depiction in the Salamander novel.

  2. If it's on the internet, then it must be true. :) I like the Imperial boogeyman concept (behave or the Space Sharks will eat your planet!) and the bred-from-monsters angle could be interesting too. Overall though I still think I prefer classic Space Sharks to the updated Carcharadons. Neat info, though.

  3. Well sometimes stuff on the Internet is true JJ...


  4. @ White_Lancer - Haha, you don't need to convince me, I swear I trust the internet implicitly! Thanks for sharing the pictures, the side of the poster with the warp-routes mapped out looks incredible. Seeing that makes me think it's just too bad FW doesn't make wallpaper.


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