Sunday, July 1, 2012

Space Sharks: More 750pt League Games


Today I dropped by Gaming Underground for some more games in our 40K league.  Though we had a lot of 6th edition chatter, the games today were still in 5th edition.  Next month we'll switch over to 6th, with a month of games that don't count to let everyone get broken in with the new edition.

This round saw me up against Josh's Tyranids again.  Same as before - two Tervigons, Doom in pod, termagants and genestealers.  Our primary mission was two Capture and Control type objectives, secondary was Kill Points.  I decided to concentrate on his objective and ignore mine, trying to tie the primary and win on KP, especially with the potential for so many extra small termagant squads being generated.  It worked pretty well, and I punked Doom out this time before he got to do anything, but the Tervigons just took too much killing, finishing off my troop squads as they died, keeping me from scoring.  He won the primary, I won the secondary, so while I lost the point spread wasn't much.

Second game was up against Will's CSM.  Winged Nurgle DP, Berzerker squad in Rhino, Plague Marine squad, two oblits, three combi-melta terminators.  We had spearhead setup, with missions of table quarters and assassins (kill enemy HQ).  He was defender, and set up the table with a ton of long impassible walls, with a big difficult terrain piece in the middle, so that there was no way to move from most quarters to other quarters without going through the big central piece or hopping over the impassible walls.  Easy enough for his deep striking guys and winged DP, not so much for me.  

I reserved the Captain,  partly to keep him safe from deep striking meltaguns, and partly to bring him in on my long table edge to contest another quarter I would normally have trouble getting to.  When he came on, Will was unaware he could come on there, thinking that I had to do so in my original DZ.  I keep being amazed at how often people don't know this about Spearhead deployment (similar to how many don't get the Dawn of War restrictions).  Being the nice guy I am, since he wasn't prepared for that eventuality, I brought him in on my corner instead even though that pretty much cost me any real chance at the primary objective.  

We danced around a lot, his prince hid behind a wall just inside one quarter, giving him the win.  Both HQs were untouched, so we tied the secondary.  The only losses all game were his obliterators, which immobilized a rhino on landing but were subsequently shot off the board.  The Rhino later repaired.

I also got to see some other friends I hadn't seen in a while, Aaron and Josh both came in to see what was going on, visit, and be part of the 6th ed hubub.  Nice to see them both!

Now back to reading the 6th ed book!

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