Sunday, July 8, 2012

40K League: Picture Dump

Got down to Gaming Underground today for some 40K games.  Got in my last two 750pt / 5th edition games for this league round as well as a first game of 6th ed, at 1000pts.  I wanted to go ahead and get the pics up; the 6th edition rundown series will continue shortly.

Here's the pics from those games as well as a bunch from other folks' games.  We had a good turnout, with IIRC seven players plus a prospective player.  Plus a ton of Pokemon players in the back!  Most of them were fine, but the kid of one of the Pokemon guys spent a lot of time at our table during Leonard and my game, picking up and dropping figures, moving stuff, asking tons of questions and repeatedly asking us to buy him models or give him some.  Very annoying and distracting.  But not enough to mar a pretty fun day!

Dark Eldar and Nids face off

Bastions make good scratching posts for monstrous creatures

My first game, against the nefarious alien Eldar

More Tyranids lining up to take on Black Templars
Prepare to die xenos filth!
Marine Captain engages one squad of Dire Avengers while his troops whittle down the other squad
Dark lances make good bug zappers.

Hive Fleet Octomom
Cover is for the weak!

Not looking good for either side's HQ
Silly Mon-keigh, jetbikes are for Eldar!  Tricked out character plus 1's for saves = dead tricked out character!
Bunches of angry Space Sharks = dead Farseer!

At this point, with all the Eldar troops dead I had an advantage for this table quarters mission...

...until I fail a ton of saves on both units of tac marines, and the survivor decides to fall back on the last turn!  Ended up as a tie on both missions - no one had any table quarters, and we both killed the enemy HQ.

6th edition ho!
Egad, a flyer!
Yeah...I'm not getting involved with that.

So far, everything that got Hull Pointed to death was just confirming the overkill.

I was hoping to shoot the Dakkajet down so that we could see the fancy crash rules in action.  Alas, it escaped with a hull point remaining, streaming smoke but still active. In the end the Orks crushed me in mission victory points.
Back to 5th ed, against Vinnie's bugs.  I pretty much played keep away until I could kill Doom; didn't want to get out of the boxes until then!

There he is!  Took a few turns, but we finally melta'd him.
Meanwhile, Eldar faced more bugs.
And Templars battled Dark Eldar with Craftworld Eldar allies in a 6th ed match.

With Doom dead, we can come out of our boxes and start to try to clear a quarter.  Trying to get table quarters against a force with ten plus troops units is daunting.
But against all expectations I managed to do so in the end, clearing one quarter and managing to get contesting units into the other three.  Neither of us came close to wiping the other one out for the secondary mission, so minor victory for the Sharks.

I suspect that there were fewer Templars soon after this picture.

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