Wednesday, July 18, 2012

6th edition 40K - Dawn of a New Era


With 6th edition Warhammer 40,000 out, there may be a number of new or returning players thinking about coming to the game.  I just wanted to point to some links that might help.

For new players especially, the links in the HEY SONS! tab above may be helpful, providing a starting place for information about models and modeling, the background, various factions, as well as some advice on making smart purchases.  I'm also happy to help new folks out and enjoy talking about all this stuff, so feel free to email me through the contact info on the right.  I will warn you that my free advice may be worth exactly what you pay for it!

For returning players, or those who have yet to read the new rules, my series on 6th Edition Impressions talking about some of the changes from 5th edition and the implications has been added to the 40K Basics tab above, hopefully a more convenient place to find it.  Let me know what you think, and feel free as always to add in the comments on the relevant post what I may have missed, gotten wrong, or your ideas on what the changes mean for our games going forward.  Note that some of the older 40K Basics articles specifically talk about 5th edition rules - I've noted them where it's especially relevant so hopefully folks won't get confused, but I'll leave them up for posterity and vanity's sake.  For the most part, anything prior to June 2012 will be under old rules, though some of the information may still be valid.

Some other older posts that may also be relevant in the dawn of the new era:
  • As people look through new rules and reconsider their armies, you may want to think about Planning for the long haul
  • With a new Chaos Space Marine codex allegedly coming in the next few months, I must admit that I will be glad to see the fading of the often inaccurate and misinformed Chaos 4.0 hate that has been so prevalent, though it saddens me that it will inevitably be replaced by some form of Chaos 6.0 hate.  I will experience some schadenfreude over hearing the lamentations of previous deriders of 4.0 who will complain about X in the 6th ed book not being as good as it was in 4.0, options being different, etc.  The sweet, sweet tears of hypocrisy and unfulfillable expectations.


  1. I shall be making use of your 40k basics tab as i'm planing to get back into the game and make use of all these models i've been collecting for decades now lol. only played about 2 games of 5 and before that it was rouge trader and titanicus so loooooong time since i wielded any dice in anger.;)

  2. Hey Blitzspear, glad to hear you're getting back into the game! The Independent Characters podcast episodes I mentioned in the HEY SONS! tab might also be of use if you're not familiar with the different armies' units and playstyles in-game. Some will be different now with 6th, but it's a good place to start IMO.


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