Friday, June 29, 2012

Space Sharks: Bikers


Finished my small Space Sharks biker squad yesterday, namely doing the attack bike and then basing everyone.  I also found out what my decal issue has been, using the micro set stuff and then spraying apparently causes the fuzzing.  Allegedly putting gloss sealer on the area first avoids that problem; next time I'll try doing gloss before and after the decal, then matte spray later, see if that works better.

Having been frustrated with decals, I did an ugly freehand for the shark symbols for the attack bikers, whose mostly-clear transfers saw the most fuzzing.

Top view, to show their sensor screens.

These guys should be my next addition to the league in a few weeks, taking me up to 1000pts and giving the Captain a squad to ride with.  With 6th's wound allocation, I guess I'll have him ride point with his 2+ armor and Iron Halo, and use Look out Sir! for anything that could ID him.


  1. Fantastic looking squad. Really like those sensor screens!

  2. Love the Shark fins too! Gotta love grey marines... i've enough of them!

  3. I really like your use of bits -- the fins and the world eater shoulder pads go great to making a shark theme!


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